Zach LaVine with the GAME WINNING DUNK!

Zach LaVine with the GAME WINNING DUNK!

Zach LaVine with the GAME WINNING DUNK!

Posted by Basketball Forever Feb. 13, 2018, 3:33 a.m.

Zach LaVine with the GAME WINNING DUNK!

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  1. Hey but they trusted Shelvin Mack with the game winning shot. Easily would've hit a half court fade-away and-1 jumper for the win if he got the ball on the inbound, no question

  2. Emmanuel Yoa Matthaus Assad Bro wtf this is suspect as hell. Look at Frank vogels face. That was the play he drew up man for the free loss. Hes loving it #BattleOfTheTankingTeams

  3. David Carroll Daniel Green how often do my punters club bets fall short because of shit like this. They couldn't even inbound the ball properly..

  4. If you don't like this, you don't like WNBA basketball!!!

  5. When you're trying to not make it too obvious that you want to lose Brodie Cooper Alex Pritchard Riley Cooper

  6. If only d rose recovered like this 😂😘

  7. Renzo Kruger this nigga lowkey colder in Chicago then he was in Minnesota

  8. Darcy O'Brien should’ve gone the windmill from the free throw line like the dunk contest

  9. Josh Peters this was you except I hit a 3 the other way 😕

  10. I hope the Unicorn recovers the way Zach recovered from his injury.

  11. Should of done a Zach special but a wins a win I guess

  12. Jun lightskin Jordan is that chu

  13. Chris Watkinson they aren’t supposed to be winning

  14. Ryan White didn't I say the kid was gonna be a star during his timberwolves days ..

  15. Stole it like it was the 2016 dunk contest

  16. Tyler Bohlen perfect illustration of Dallas getting absolutely embarrassed

  17. Brandon Scarano would’ve rather him fumble it and let them win, tanking gone wrong!

  18. Beau Hartup Franco el tanko be running wild back home after watching this

  19. Paddy Earnshaw whatdafuk what a crab hahahahha

  20. Chandler Rayson bulls are a free agent away from a culture change, they got pieces worth keeping too

  21. Akash Rathod something just like what you did back in the day !!

  22. Liana Whitehand Lavine just did it again💪🏼💪🏼

  23. Erin McInerney Jake Pablo Spiteri another classic example of how it feels to be an Orlando magic fan

  24. Timothy Morrow. He still got the hops.

  25. Hayden Skinner of course it was him lol

  26. Mark McClure someone needs to tell lavine we are tanking

  27. Tommy Khawly think I’m a start backing the bulls again

  28. Romain Hustings même moi je fais pas des passes comme ça ahah

  29. Sebastian J. Santiago ese cabron nos debe 15 mil pesos. Nos jodio el par lay

  30. Tim Lynch Gavin Manoharan who’s better Gav lavine or markannen?

  31. Efrain Pantoja he didn’t travel though ? 🤔

  32. Nicholas James Lavine has been balling

  33. Cory Giannone our time is up our time is now

  34. Kai Ren Teo dude is clutchhhh!

  35. Nick Harris actually terrible

  36. Daniel Almstetter this cost me my multi hahaha

  37. Jack Walter this is bad hahah

  38. James Loterzo doesn't understand how to tank...

  39. Simon 2 game winners in a row 🥇