What the people of Tamworth think about Barnaby Joyce

What the people of Tamworth think about Barnaby Joyce

What the people of Tamworth think about Barnaby Joyce

Posted by ABC News Feb. 13, 2018, 9:51 a.m.

"Step down. Naughty boy, he's been caught."

We asked the people of Tamworth what they think about their local MP Barnaby Joyce.

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  1. The people who say Joyce is competent should take a moment and remember he is not even capable of having unprotected sex. Or maybe he just didn’t believe in contraception.

  2. so 50 % of us have cheated and got our new partners taxpayer funded jobs worth $200.000 a year and repeatedly lied about it while attacking others on moral grounds , um did i miss something ? and where do i get me one of those completely made up 200 grand a year jobs?

  3. Murdoch's got that electorate by the balls as the nats mine the crap out of it whilst the locals can't figure out why their food is from china

  4. He can rip the taxpayer off and give his girlfriend a very high paying job (nepatism), and yet they still love him. Its true, in a democracy you get the leaders you deserve.

  5. Mmmm I think that's we are all missing the point.... Having an affair is not illegal just deceptive. Having an affair with a subordinate is not illegal but in The Australian Parliament there are rules/policies which I think Joyce disregarded/possibly breached to the point of lying about it..... Having an affair and then promoting that person is also a possible breach of parliamentary rules/policies. So I don't care what Joyce does in his 'private' life as long as he follows the rules/policies that are expected of Senior Politicians.

  6. Stayed in Canberra fifty nights when parliament wasn't even sitting, probably took the gf and claimed it all on the taxpayer I'm guessing.

  7. So you actually think Canberra politicians are perfect

    This whole thing is shameful enough without you pushing this talented guy to the edge .....

    She maybe partner but between you and I
    ( stupid / selfish ......)

  8. Yeah why would we strip Baanaby of his plum Dep PM position, what's some lying, cheating, getting your decades younger mistress preggers and rorting expenses between conservative friends?

  9. First of all thanks New England you voted him in. Looks like Gods waiting room!
    This is the problem destroyed prawn industry, nepotism, hip critic but no we still support him.

  10. I never listen or watch the ABC anymore as they are so out of touch with me and the rest of middle class Australia I would be happy if they were made redundant as I find them to be very condescending to any one that doesn’t have their socialist beliefs

  11. So 50 nights in Canberra payed for by the taxpayers. Joyce should be charged with fraud and let the pieces fall

  12. Come on everybody! Look at the demographics of New England...A very, strong LNP hold...A dead dog with an LNP ticket would have won, paws down!

  13. Conservative doesn't necessarily mean consistent, does it? Conservatives will absolutely shred people for their moral failings when it suits them, and at other times basically shrug their shoulders when it's one of their own that they support for other reasons.

  14. None of em’ are any paragons of virtue ; it all still pales into insignificance contrasted with Sam Destiari who sold Australia’s interest down the drain to feather his own nest / the left must tread carefully - as nobody likes hypocrites - shorten and Bourke etc

  15. The ageless tale of the old dirty perve, and the shameless gold digger... willing to get preganent to an old dirty perve for a shot at some coin and a publicity stint. Child is merely a tool. No different than a crackhead having a kid for the baby bonus. Except her bonus is going to be enormous. Her self respect levels surely have been at all time lows.

  16. yeah I was beetrooting her but she wasn't my 'partner' at the time. honestly if she's willing to be portrayed like that by that grub and his side of politics then more fool her. Is she so blind she cannot see the contemptible and disrespectful way he's treating her?

  17. Meanwhile- people can’t afford to turn their lights on. Farmers can’t afford to feed their stock and are taking their own lives - the strugglers don’t care who is rooting who! It’s time for the Pollies to do their frickin jobs!!

  18. I'm sorry, but I find it hard to listen to the opinions of a man holding an accordion.
    Nice to hear from his electorate though.

  19. Not saying Barneby has done the proper thing, but memories are very short regarding other past pollies and their indescretions.

  20. Typical ABC trying to rail road another man's career, try and find a news worthy story for a change, pathetic left wing agenda pushing station,

  21. and he is the only one to ever do this lets look into all the MP back grounds see who can live up to the standars put up by all the okers out there

  22. Oh my goodness. That is probably the most depressing set of interviews in Christendom. Now I know how he got elected in the first place. I feel ... incredibly ... depressed ...

  23. That about sums the majority of the New England electorate up.

  24. All this hype. Geez only interviewing those who whinge. The absolute silent majority are right behind him and probably 75% of married men are quietly giving him a pat on the back..!! Nothing will happen. Move on..!!

  25. Believe it or not, Barnaby Joyce didn't murder anyone, he didn't rape anyone and he's not a pedophile. all he did was find love!. the only problem here is that his girlfriend got a high paying job from one of his friends. this is the only thing that should be talked about. Australian politicians shouldn't be part of the gossip columns. They're not celebrities. Please our entire culture relies on you as individuals.

  26. The problem for lefties, feminists and fellow travellers is acknowledging that it is natural for men to have emotionally meaningless sex with as many partners as possible.

  27. The word "expertise" and Barnaby Joyce in the one sentence is obscene.

  28. Did the ABC go out and ask for opinions when Shorten was caught out or Burke? But there's no bias at the ABC.

  29. Hmm just worries me that a confirmed drunk will be running the country

  30. Why don’t you ask someone who is under the age of 60and get the view from some different ages

  31. Bennett Pillman: "50% of Australians are doing it" - Jesus.

  32. Barnaby Joyce back to nappy school soon

  33. Wow, the guy in the orange top, he's a real treasure 😒. Hope he's not in a relationship

  34. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone

  35. It's not about the affair, it's about the theft of $190,000 per year of Australian taxpayers money.

  36. What an electorate how the hell can they still support this grub says a lot about there morals

  37. Audit his expense claims and lock him up.

  38. There are fools in every age group and there is always a price to pay

  39. This is why we can't have nice things.

  40. New uniform for the Australian Bureau of Statistics Bower?

  41. someone tell his wife or significant other, baa baa

  42. see.. the problem now is 'can the public trust him?' .. and if he isn't trustworthy to his own family and unable to say no to temptation elsewhere then.. not about to trust him with access to the power of the nation..

  43. Still a lot of red necks up in New England electorate just cannot understand why

  44. Great use of tax payer funds sending journos to Tamworth to get the obvious word.

  45. I wonder if his ex wife has been getting 200k a year!

  46. Glad im not in that electrote