Wade Is BACK!

Wade Is BACK!

Wade Is BACK!

Posted by Basketball Forever Feb. 10, 2018, 1:38 a.m.

Dwyane Wade checks in the for the Miami Heat!


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  1. Been wadeing for this return all my life

  2. The goat of miami has returned

  3. People this is why he went to the cavs, so he can come back home 🔥🔥
    It’s dope seeing him back wearing that #3
    Even cooler that Miami still showed love💯

  4. This is just right. He should have not left or have been traded.

  5. "We're going to give Wade a great contract, the greatest ever seen, and we're gonna make Chicago pay for it." - Pat Riley 😂😂

  6. It was his team ever since. Then Le Drama queen entered the picture taking credit. So happy Wade's back.

  7. He should’ve never left Wade country in the first place..well deserved ovation for The Flash.

  8. Couldn't of waded any longer

  9. Say what u want but when the fans show u that kinda love, it’s real💙

  10. Andy Kreutzer Jessy O'Connor they fucking love him! This makes me so happy!

  11. Kais. We have been wadeing for a few seasons #HeatLifer

  12. Good to know that Wade will be retiring on Miami soon. One of the best Heat ever. Welcome back!

  13. Lebron should go to Miami next year just because!!!

  14. Same fans who were burning his jersey when he went to Chicago Tye Aldersea? 😂

  15. Nick West literally sent shivers down my neck.... he’s home 😍😍😍

  16. Okay I’m confused cause I know he was with the bulls one time right? Ja'Juan Gee

  17. Welcome to home wade,,, show ur job

  18. Melanie Marrero Cuánto me gustaría ir a verlo jugar antes que se retire! 😩😩😩

  19. Caleb Wenzel Ben Norris I could get around that Miami jersey

  20. Looks like he doesn't wanna be there.

    -Eric Bledsoe

  21. Dylan Rebeiro you must be melting

  22. Hubencio Faculanang he's back sabi ko sayo.. Si derick rose nasa utah! Si isaiah thomas nasa LAkers

  23. Emman Matibag Maquiñana pre si lodi hahahaha..With whiteside and dragic

  24. Macky. Magpamaynila ka bakae ngani it Heat nga jersey

  25. Man it feels good to see wade back in Miami

  26. Heat fans really loves you wade! Sl glad your back!

  27. Yan talaga gs2 ni wade mag patrade para sa retirement nya masabit sa heat ung jersey nya...😊😊

  28. Nigga Checked in Like I don’t even Want to be here

  29. Joshua Brady I’m getting one of those d wade jerseys fo sure! Haha

  30. Goosebumps.. when the people cheering and aplause your r3turn.

  31. Alex gotta get myself one of those jerseys

  32. Flash is back baby #Wadecounty Matthew Peck

  33. Sean Vazquez how fresh are these jerseys

  34. Ni🅱️🅱️a I has tears in my eyes James Nicholas

  35. Manny Hernandez back home where he belongs

  36. Paul Anitelea I bag this jersey 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  37. ChantalBourgeault i need that jersey, asap.

  38. Timothy Dickson and all is right with the world

  39. Ngl made me tear up a little Justin Pietrobon

  40. Gee Baldwin Ben McConnell Tim Peters I gotta get me one of these heat jerseys! They are 🔥🔥🔥

  41. Brendan Richards that gave me goosebumps

  42. Josh Farnworth I believe my camera was better.. plus watch it again!

  43. Stachu Montana talk about a standing ovation

  44. Lorenzo Lozares makagirabo boi!!! Makaibi yaun na sya ulit jan haha

  45. I Hope thats not his only highlight lol

  46. Tj Jones must make you happy