WATCH: James, White blitz halfpipe qualifying

WATCH: James, White blitz halfpipe qualifying

Scotty James went HUGE in his snowboard halfpipe qualification run.

But Shaun White came out & topped him with an incredible display 🔥

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  1. i got so excited and thought the clip was going to play without punching a 30 second advertisement in my face, i was wrong

  2. Andrew Spence basically us at Perisher.. and that’s just getting off the t-bar.

  3. Will be going for an extended toilet break to watch the final 😂 Aaron Moseley

  4. scotty james that was pure luck no way he will medal it will be an all american sweep

  5. Michael Cotton this is what I was telling you about

  6. Matt Verberne we forgot about Shaun white

  7. Kierra- 10:30 tomorrow morning.

  8. Gonna make for a ripper final!!

  9. Tyler Fent next time I’m on the board bro

  10. Brent Mitchelll Liam Leggett Dan Troy watch both of their runs

  11. Lachie Farrell Callum Lee tomorrow is going to be sick

  12. Great stuff Shaun White 👍

  13. Kasper Lynch Taylah O'Reilly big night 😱

  14. Mitchell O'Callaghan Jamie Hicks WTF

  15. Archie Elliott you called it

  16. Travis O'Hehir Chris O'Hehir theeee fuuuuuckkkk

  17. Brodie Schott Aaron Jones Lockie Smith

  18. Ollie Cracknell James Kingston

  19. Christopher Sparks Ethan Charles