VIDEO: Sport’s most disgusting handshake

VIDEO: Sport’s most disgusting handshake


An American college tennis player appeared to sink to the lowest depths possible with a deeply unsportsmanlike act after a loss.

Intero Articolo: FOX Sports Australia


  1. He deserves a life ban, not for his act, simply for being American.

  2. Winner wasn't exactly classy either...

  3. His parents must be so proud of the sort of child they raised 🙄.

  4. Least he didn't rub his sweaty nuts first

  5. Wtf is wrong with people these days?

  6. Americans tend to be sore losers anywhere, no class buddy 😡

  7. Liam - this is something Scott would do 😂

  8. Classic fox sports making us watch a 15 second ad before being able to see a 24 second video

  9. Tim Townsend if you lose you may aswell act like a loser

  10. Craig Jolly send this to Gawwwweeeeeee on twitter

  11. Rick Jackson not something you would have done?

  12. nothing in it he momentarily identified as a blind man and could see the other blokes hand

  13. Regan Scott Duckworth probably related to you somehow

  14. Culph u see this absolute monstrosity?

  15. If he is on a scholarship then it should be taken away from him. He let the school down badly.

  16. Cooper Wyett probably something you'd do

  17. Poor loser, even poorer human being

  18. Ryan Harrison's mate. His crew is 'so cool'

  19. Nitin Naran Gary Spinks Martin Donohue vs Dianella next week 😱

  20. What a grub Blake Aitken Benjamin John Luxford Tim Bagnall

  21. Sean Oosthuizen that's you

  22. Chyren Amarsee Dylan Bain grub

  23. Hussien Taoube Nikhil Kumar

  24. Peter Dimas Doni Flue Ethan Triantafillis

  25. Jeremy Bourgeois Simon Ward