Transgender footballer gets green light to play VFLW

Transgender footballer gets green light to play VFLW


The AFL will grant Hannah Mouncey permission to play state league footy in 2018.

Intero Articolo: FOX Sports Australia


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  1. You can cover yourself in feathers but it doesn't make you a chicken

  2. That'll do me. He can dress up all he wants at the end of the day he's still physically a bloke and this puts the real women in danger.

  3. sweet I am gunna try and get on the womans PGA golf tour

    I can shoot 1 or 2 under around most courses off the womans tees, and reach all their 440m par 5s in 2

    giddee up

  4. As someone who identifies as a German Shepherd I feel like now is the time to apply for a job with the QLD Police

  5. Every one of the idiots on the panel that voted yes should be held accountable when this bloke seriously hurts one of these women he’s playing against.
    6ft 3 and 100kg. He’s bigger than most players in men’s AFL.
    It’s a bloody joke!

  6. All u grubs who voted yes this is the repercussions of your actions this is only the beginning of a lot worse things to come might as well let Aaron woods play for the jillaroos

  7. 😂😂😂😂 dont be suprised now gronks Y'all voted for equal rights #LoveIsLoveRemember #AssPiratesTakeOver

  8. I don't have a problem with trans people. Good on them for being true to themselves. However I'm not sure how I feel lining up against someone who has a physical DNA advantage.... Her reach, endurance and strength are beyond those of a regular woman. Unless HRT alters these it's clear she will have an unfair advantage ? I'm not sure.

  9. What a joke but hey AFL is a chicks game

  10. Politically correctness, same sex marriage and now this. Not good enough to compete with the guys so change your sex and become a wealthy champion. Bloody cheating, I call it.

  11. So........if theres a all in brawl can it start throwing punches 🤔🤔🤔

  12. If you have a Doodle you plays mens,if you have no doodle you play women’s,if you cut off doodle you need to be institutionalized!

  13. Don't want to see anyone get hurt but i hope he/she knocks someone out first game and let the AFL explain their decision.

  14. AFL shooting itself in the foot.
    This is the effect of ur stupid decision to support same sex marriage and the LGBQT community..

  15. The world has gone bloody mad the true feminist of the past would be horrified... the feminazis of today would see this as a victory... LMAO...

  16. Lets see all the snowflakes and feminists cry when he runs through a pack or shirtfronts an actual female on the field and does some damage

  17. I aint pretending this guy is a woman. AFL need to seriously look at the decision they made. What a joke.

  18. This will put women in real danger. If he wishes to be a woman, that’s fine, but in his current body shape and build, people will get hurt and no one will be able to stop him

  19. It’s a sad day when the AFL has to yield to political BS... born a male can’t play against females after the age of 9.... it’s that simple! Look at the size of “her” it’s completely irresponsible by the AFL to let mouncy play!

  20. Not picking sides or anything but from a biological point of view, this person isn’t a woman. Therefore they should compete in a transgender only competition. If there isn’t one, tough luck

  21. Injuries during the first two seasons of the AFLW have been an issue already particularly knee problems and concussion. It’s a medical fact that the female body takes longer to recover from such injuries and now this person will be let loose on other competitors in lessor league where those athletes physical attributes will be far from that of a professional AFLW player.
    Don’t worry about this individuals right to play, how about worry about the other athletes!!
    What a bloody joke!!

  22. What a joke, this is unfair to all the females, that are naturally born female. This thing is a male, a bit of surgery does not change that. Dig your own grave AFL. Disgusting.

  23. I won't be letting my girls play football if there's a chance they could come up against this sort of opposition when they grow up. Call me whatever, I'm just looming out for my kids safety and welfare.

  24. 😂😂😂 wow. Paul Jobber
    What a joke. A bloke wants to be a woman, all well and good for him/her, but look at him.. He’s huge. He’ll demolish the average woman playing any kind of contact sport.

  25. What will happen if this person tackles one of the players and causes serious injury? Because it’s a legitimate concern. The AFL will be sued straight up, and it’ll be payout after payout you’d imagine. Unless there’s some sort of clause but jesus they’re playing with fire

  26. Who in the right frame of mind thinks this is normal, and why aren’t feminist kicking up a stink about a guy playing in a women’s sport, they’re more than happy to create a stir from nothing but not bat an eye to something that is Sexist. The world we live in has become a joke.

  27. This is not right. A bloke who is playing against women shouldn't be allowed unless they have made the transition when they were younger in life for a level playing field. I'm not against people's lifestyles or how they were born but this isn't right. Maybe they should start up a transgender football league.

  28. Maybe next we have AFLT, the skills would be better than AFLW and would draw a whole new following..!

  29. Jeez she has every right to live as the person she feels but what do we do when every women’s sport becomes dominated by players who were born male?

  30. It's a start, but Hannah was promised the opportunity to play in the AFLW last year or the year before is my understanding and the AFL has since breakdown on that word and reneged on that promise. So until it gets reinstated it's not good enough.

  31. You spoons. You give in to 1% of the population and grant this. AFL will be held accountable when he injures an actual female playing the game that was designed for them. If he wants to play footy try out for a men’s team.

  32. I think from reading a lot of these comments the authors are unaware she played womens Aussie Rules in the ACT last year for Ainslie. Didn't kill or destroy anyone. Vexed issue indeed.

  33. This just shows that Australia has lost the plot. Every Dud in a mans world will now take some pills and put on a dress and try and win in a woman's world. Sport needs to be graded by your BIRTH Cetificate.

  34. Not sure this is going to be an equal playing field, I guess after a few hits we will see how keen the opposition are to play against Hannah.....

  35. I’m guessing the players insurance premiums just sky rocketed, can’t wait to see him blindside someone going up for a mark 😳 be like watching a truck take out a pedestrian

  36. Please remember, society has decreed that Fs are entitled to serve as part of military close combat units.
    If they can do that, gender issues in sport shouldnt be an issue should it.

  37. So this thing still has his tackle in place, will it shower with the women or will it get a separate change room? If it has to get changed in a separate room, shouldn’t be playing in this division. This is a disgrace and he shouldn’t be playing!

  38. How does that work, they ban her from the afl because others might be hurt but against Players who are not as good and you would assume less athletic she is allowed. Strange mindset.

  39. The first serious injury to a player will result in a massive lawsuit against the AFL it’s inevitable.

  40. Here we go.....
    I knew they would fold!!

    The lgbtp hold so much power now & will just role over anyone one gets in their way!!!!!


  41. Won't be watching that anymore. Disgraceful.
    Women in league should strike.
    Only a matter of time before it is all blokes playing in that league.

  42. Youth filled with testosterone has built her differently to other women. Its not a fair competition with this choice. Sorry for her, but you gotta be fair to all the other girls.

  43. Elyse delicate subject but nothing brings out uneducated bogans like combining progressiveness and footy haha

  44. Simple solution. In a few years time there should be a tranny league. Where all the skirt wearing boys that couldnt get game in the unders can chase each other around!