'There's no need to be on reality TV to find a wife': Former MAFS groom's new love

'There's no need to be on reality TV to find a wife': Former MAFS groom's new love

After failing to find love on the last season of Married at First Sight Australia, Sean Holland has bounced back, believing he’s finally found ‘the one’ and it turns out she’s been right under his nose the whole time! ❤ #9Today #MAFS

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  1. Says the person spilling his guts out on national TV 12 months ago. Really? It’s a bit rich for him to get back into the spotlight NOW. Maybe he’s feeling left out...

  2. Good on them hope she can live with no Air Con in the Country from what I recall his Air Con was open a window 🤣🙏

  3. wow awsum good on him thay look so good together well i gess its all ways the way for us guy..we out trying but get nuthing then ..dont try sit back for get about the girl s an still singal then randomly a girl might hit u up or jump your bone s..lol i never bean on a date with the girl s i whant so what ever cumes my way n hit me up is good i gess....i hate bean singal but carnt fource love on a girl...she has to whant an i have to whant if she dont whant its over an a head messa trying to butter her up .every time but no luck....but i cee alotter girls i wode date but thay go with the other guy oh well ..

  4. He says he doesn't need a reality show to find a wife. Then why did he go on there in the first place??

  5. He found his “horse woman”.. a horse man needs a horse woman.. quote Anthony 😭

  6. I Wish him the best. He was a lovely guy x

  7. It’s always under there noses 👃..lol

  8. He seemed like a great guy. Happy for them both

  9. Matthew Yarred is this the cowboy guy you were talking about?

  10. Yet she only comes out after the show??yea right

  11. Ohhhh really?! Geezus he’s a bright spark to have just worked that out 😮

  12. Kristen Power was wondering what you mean by MAF last night 😂

  13. Just open your heart ....💞the right will come..... 💖

  14. Happy for him he seemed a nice guy

  15. any singal girls out thear undder my nose. that live in the sticks out cranbourne way ....?

  16. what he really means is there no finding a wife on tv

  17. YAY !!!! Good on him, I hope they are both very happy. 😍😍

  18. Good on them! Hope all goes well.

  19. soooo very happy 4 him . xxxxx

  20. Love this Ros!! ❤️😘 Roslyn

  21. Good looking couple. Well done

  22. why are men so love struck

  23. Good luck for the future💘💗

  24. Ann Blencowe, Ainslie Guymer

  25. Gayle Townsend
    Great to see

  26. Sophie Kleyn Nadiana Albistur