The archbishop, the mansion and the beach house

The archbishop, the mansion and the beach house

The Catholic Church spent $1.65 million on a mansion for Archbishop Denis Hart as it fought a family who refused to accept $55,000 compensation for each of their abused daughters.

Intero Articolo: The Sydney Morning Herald


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  1. They spent $1m to fund a campaign to prevent marriage equality

  2. Vow of poverty - lives in million+ dollar house

  3. Should be made to sell their assets and give more generous compensation to their victims.

  4. I no longer go to church. It is a corrupt institution designed to keep its members wealthy and protected at the expense of the parish members.

  5. The rage this poor family have to deal with!!! Every day it's something new from this vile organisation.

  6. Leave aside the compensation question ..I certainly feel rather let down as to why the ArchBishop purchased a house in his name at beach front , when he too vows of a priest that covers an area call poverty ..Jesus spoke of the Bounty of God and a simple life style ..I want to believe in the institution that I was born to , and so are so many others like me .😪

  7. The church is nothing more than a powerhouse gathering money and the power that comes with it. I, for one, learnt this fact, first hand, when hounded by a priest to pay the final $15 for the baptism fee.

  8. These thieves need to be taxed now. What a joke. Ruining lives and not contributing anything to society

  9. The church could sell off some of its numerous assets. They have abundant treasurer, businesses and property.

  10. “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” Matthew 19:21.

  11. 1.65 million is not a mansion it's a house in Sydney!

  12. A mansion AND a beach house. I shoulda been an archbishop. Too bad I have the wrong bits

  13. Putting that tax free status to great use.....

  14. Parliament and churches, scum

  15. I have such huge admiration for the Foster family…..

  16. They covered up the extent of their wealth during an inquiry pfftt

  17. What ever happened to the clerical vow of poverty?

  18. There is always a danger in a single story.
    Who has heard from the other party?

  19. @ everyone who falls for the charity narrative.

  20. Disgraceful they think that they are untouchable.

  21. Gone are the days when an Archbishop would have been happy with a humble home

  22. Firstly...... ALL CHURCHES SHOULD PAY TAX....

  23. the cathlic church is like a big corporate... money money money and power

  24. Unbelievable in a hopefully Civilized Country

  25. Bishop could live in a home unit.

  26. How many judges, lawyers and cops are protecting these snakes?

  27. Tax the churches
    That is all

  28. How disgraceful! That poor family. Everything the church says it stands for is a joke.

  29. Wondering, what’s a bishops stipend?

  30. Make the churches pay tax

  31. Business must be booming at St Vinnies

  32. Applies to every religion

  33. $1.65 million buys you a mansion these days?

  34. Beyond wrong so deplorable 😡

  35. Nicholas Tulloch Nic Ola😤😤