'The Wedding Singer' turns 20!

'The Wedding Singer' turns 20!

'The Wedding Singer' turns 20!

Posted by New Idea Magazine Feb. 13, 2018, 8:15 a.m.

Today marks 20 years since The Wedding Singer first hit cinemas. How time has flown! 😱

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  1. Krystie Smith our movie xx remember singing to every song in the cinemas lol

  2. Jonathan and Keira Lyn Blake I know you’ll appreciate this!! But I can’t believe it’s been 20 years

  3. loved that movie,still do

  4. Zuzu Halabi remember this movie , so funny 😂

  5. Paul Blowers crazy how fast time has gone by!!!!

  6. My absolute favourite movie 🎥

  7. Fiona Armstead.... How depressing 😰

  8. Laura Sarah James best movie ever

  9. Iola Aufiero we are old!🤪

  10. Aaron Guazzelli my fave ❤️

  11. Pat Quiroz Jordan Quiroz Ryan Ron Jeffes

  12. Kel Louise Mark Smith Hayley Veale

  13. Rebekah Malycha Caitlin Malycha

  14. Adrien Steane Chantal Maree Brett Steane. "hey aunt Linda. You're a bitch!" HAHAHA