The Mini Robodog From Boston Dynamics Can Now Open Doors to Get Out

The Mini Robodog From Boston Dynamics Can Now Open Doors to Get Out

"Unless they figure out how to open doors..."

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  1. Great, they might as well program it to gain energy by consuming biofuels. You know what, just save it time and give it a gun.

  2. Yeaaaaaap. Did anyone else see Ex Machina? Oscar Isaac can tell you all about it! scary 😱

  3. SKYNET! Did anyone see the episode of Black mirror with the robo dogs?!

  4. Oh that's but creepy at all

  5. Daniel Sear - this is how those robots oft Black Mirror start...

  6. I'm just here for the memes.

  7. What is the market for door-opening robot dogs? Who's funding this?

  8. Metal head (2017, colourized) Megan Ewins

  9. Dylan Holt this robot does not scare me . Spot would be an exceptional dishwasher loader

  10. Hahahaaa, sooner they will find the silver key

  11. I saw this on Black Mirror.

  12. Kevin is in BIG trouble....

  13. This was the day Skynet attacked! D:

  14. well, shit. there goes the planet.

  15. Jurassic Park all over again.

  16. Graham Wenmitt

    It begins...

  17. Josh Darke Alex nope react

  18. Ethan Leon Melissa Ewers black mirror 😭😩

  19. Caitlin McBride John Pandelakis Black mirror

  20. Kieren Igoe Adrian Stuart Meadows 😦 black mirror

  21. Caitlin Alcock black mirror

  22. Nicolas GrΓ©goire wtfffffffffff