The 5000hp Devel Sixteen...

The 5000hp Devel Sixteen...

The 5000hp Devel Sixteen...

Posted by Street FX Motorsport & Graphics Jan. 24, 2018, 8 p.m.

The 5000hp Devel Sixteen...

Do you think we ever see it actually driving, or forever just be a show-piece?

Video courtesy of Supercarblondie

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  1. For the love of GOD, please stop revving every car you test immediately after you start it. Let the oil flow to the top end at least. Jesus, what the hell is wrong with you. All your stupid videos just infuriate me.

  2. For her to even see or even drive these cars whoever she's With she must be suckin some good dick

  3. I want to see test results on horsepower. I smell poo

  4. 5000hp of pushing the car

  5. How stupid. 2 mins of my life lost for nothing. A awfully terribly annoying gross accent. And a hole lot of nothing proving this car actually drives. It started this time tho. That's a first. Still useless as fuck video

  6. Looks like a Storm trooper and Darth Vader mixed with a couple of rockets in the rear. 😱

  7. I don't think it has 5000 hp that's top fuel rail car power there's no blower out the good not methanol or nos in it's belly careful what you wrote

  8. All I want to know is where in the hell do these people get this kind of cash? I see ass hats online bleaching $7,500 sweatshirts, buying random boxes of crap on eBay for $10k and buying these super exotic super cars. If they are this loaded they should spend time making the world a better place instead of contaminating it with self indulgent bullshit videos like this....
    Sorry about that - lol :-)

  9. How does this lady always have top cars n each car she starts she revs it hello madam when u start a car especially a brand new one your suppose to leave it for about 5 mins let the oil everything flow throw stupid birch

  10. I find it funny that you don't see any lights on the rear this car or the front when it started and it only rolls a few feet. I'm wondering if this car even really has a running engine in it at this point. It just seems to me that if they're going to release a video like this they would make the startup in the takeoff more enjoyable.

  11. Imagine being the Driver of the Truck while the delivery.. man this guy has to have balls of titanium🤣

  12. Special delivery ??
    Hahaha and this retard lady behind this ??
    She barely knows the differences between manual and automatic gearbox
    She is just a scum who have been working for I don’t know what fucken radio in dubai 😂😂

  13. Lol just make sure you just about crop out the guys pushing it at the end lmaoo this thing's been bs from the get go, 5000hp my arse, how in the fuck would it put that down or be reliable at all

  14. Nah they added the sound and it rolled haha even if it was real 5000hp bullshit listen to a 2500 or what not HP funny car sounds nothin like that shit box but anyway it looks and is shit gaaaaaaay

  15. Those are for ppl that are Kings in different countries rich ppl in America wouldn’t even buy
    Think about Lamborghini car insurance is 25,000 a month now how much do you think the insurance would be on this

  16. Put your money where your mouth is...take the car to Nevada and drive the same six miles back and forth and see what the speed is!!! Dont tell me it cant be done, Koenigsegg proved it! Why cant anyone else

  17. Looks like a cool car but i have a hard time believing it has 5000hp. For one you'd never get it to hook up. Even at speed one stab of the loud peddle and it would be sideways.

  18. Please, PLEASE DO NOT let this distract you from the fact that Hector is going to be running three Honda Civics with Spoon engines. And on top of that, he just went into Harry's and he ordered three T66 turbos with NOS... and a Motec system exhaust.

  19. Didn't Cadillac have a protype car That was also a V16 like 15 years ago, I think it looked slightly similar, maybe a little longer

  20. Alright cool car body. But these Dubai fucks haven't shown us the real potential of this car. Your saying at $1mil you can make a 5000hp car. Granted there is the other 3000hp model and one more I believe. But Won't show the engine or interior? And say it will be ready in the next few Years? This car is a shell with some noise to it. I dare them to let some drive this other than a promotional company. This car is a myth. It will not come to be what that have deceived everyone that it is. This car is nothing but a false concept like many many designers have hyped up us into believing

  21. Did anybody else see the steering wheel? It looked like a rectangle with big circle buttons on it smh we will never see this car in action seems like

  22. Mark Walker Barney a auto and she revs it and it doesn’t jump forwards either this is fake or she is rolling it down the hill! Let’s wait to see it in action before believing anything

  23. When they pulled up in that truck I would have been on the phone with someone. They unloaded this mofo on two planks. I swear I would have flipped all the way out

  24. No chance of getting 5000bhp unless you fill the tank with noz and drop a stick of dynamite into it...

  25. She looks a little to confused to be driving that vehicle...poor car. I hope she knows what she's doing

  26. I think the truck driver belong pakistan or Afghanistan because his dress like ours

  27. WHY do they not have these type of tow trucks in the us ? like im tired of the bullshit flat beds we have. even a stock economy car will scrap on the ones we have.

  28. Its a joke ? This car is horrible and what the fuck ! What is this carrier ?! Big shit !! 😨🤢

  29. Rob, das dieje lelijke overpowerde auto dak van de week zei.

  30. People are pushing the car at the end lmao

  31. Wtf kijk dit dan wat of er uit dat dinkietoy vrachtwagentje komt Marco Harskamp😂😂

  32. Obviously a backyard job, dodgy transportation, no money left.

  33. I’d smash the girl, the car is uglier even more than she is.

  34. Shay you need 5000 hp bro don't be a bitch

  35. Looks like it was been pushed in that vid to me

  36. Daniel Saavedra: Fantastic! I prefer the likes classic car because I can make a built classic car everything.

  37. Remy Petrona en dan wordt het gebracht door zo'n shady ass waggy

  38. I read 3000hp on pump gas, serious engine tho

  39. The car that i used to draw when i was a child!!

  40. Chung Nguyen special delivery 🤣🤣🤣

  41. Wait there was a car in that video I was to busy checking her out to notice