THIS! Credit Girl Life​

THIS! Credit Girl Life​

THIS! Credit Girl Life​

Posted by Showpo Feb. 11, 2018, 10:06 a.m.


Credit Girl Life

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  1. Iona Quinn when someone upsets me I also expect you to send Negan to me for some sexy time thanks x

  2. The day you called me and said you were engaged and I ran out of the gym ready to get on a plane 😂 Tegan Watler

  3. Brooke Briar lucky I wasn’t home otherwise I would’ve flew up to Wildy like this!😅

  4. Paige at work. Who did it haha

  5. Taz Smiljić when crazy eyes bitch face upset u that day. ..

  6. Megan Erbacher next time I see a certain someone I’ll get my soft ball bat ready

  7. Bahaha Bev on a few occasions!!!

  8. Taran Wood or we could go down this route? I'm happy to kick some teeth in?

  9. Monique Marsh physical and verbal abuse

  10. Could there be anything more accurate 😂 Eden Burr Brittany Dingle

  11. Alanna me when you sent me messages about that jerk

  12. Luke Newman that awkward moment when I am Negan😂😂😂

  13. Ken Pillai but with a huge piece of steak on the end of the bat!

  14. Brenda Chong-Nee we did a drive by for nasa or whatever the inside joke was hahahaha probs way off too

  15. Caz the dudes outside 7/11 and my work laptop bag and high heels 👠 😂😂

  16. This is me when one of my brothers attempt to say somthing bad about you ♡♡ Daniel Hollister

  17. Madison legit me ! Your feelings are my feelings when your sad or angry so am I 😂😘❤️

  18. Laura Windridge 😂 tagging you because it’s true, and also he’s hot af.

  19. Vicky Patterson tell me if you want me to come to your work 😝

  20. Lauren Willcox ... The other day at Cold Rock 😂😇

  21. Caitlin Bellis 😂😂😂 ankle kicking, middle fingers in faces, pushing, biting, troll hating... 😂😂😂 I love my best friend!

  22. Kendal... but imagine I'm in Beyoncé orange dress 😂

  23. Keturah Merc me in Thailand when the girls were being nasty to you when you went back to the room

  24. Sam - this is me plus the head kick haha

  25. Rach Hopkins in reference to our conversation before

  26. Claire this is 100% me haha I'm not an angry person 😂

  27. Emma Clark I've never experienced rage like this before I promise uou

  28. Jo Shelswell when boys aren’t nice to my jojo

  29. Imma throw a doc Martin 😂 Carla Bunyi

  30. James Lewis Marika Higa Natalie Lax me threatening people who can potentially hurt you guys

  31. Hayley Sims Anything for you babe💞😘

  32. thru thick and thin 😉 Kitty Hirari

  33. Alana Kennison me right now lol
    You know who

  34. James Fitzgerald when the girl yelled at you

  35. Janka Scott I would defiantly hit someone for you lol

  36. Sylanna Vanyik we don't need to mention who I'm thinking of right?😉😂

  37. Kirsty Jane Johns “like if someone starts me it’s ok but you HOHHHH”

  38. Selena Mantikos I have never seen anything relate more to you than this

  39. Tosari Thomas do you know who I’m thinking of?! Hahha

  40. Ha ha when you sent me that email this week Amy-Louise Rech

  41. Tahlia Billows 😂 look I wouldn’t use a bat to be honest

  42. 110% me with old love Madeleine Page hahahahahahaha

  43. for real though I turn into someone that I don’t even recognise Isabella Mullins