Stolen Generations survivors disappointed after PM skips 10th anniversary event

Stolen Generations survivors disappointed after PM skips 10th anniversary event

Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion instead spoke at the gathering of about 300 people

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  1. I'm not sorry ... i did not do anything

  2. β€œLast week Mr Turnbull was criticised for leaving a Closing the Gap Campaign event before it finished.”

    It was acknowledged by the organisers that the PM had a planned departure time but the event ran overtime.

  3. You can say he went walk about

  4. Yes because he is too busy sticking up for Barnyard Barnaby.

  5. Why is the Indigenous Affairs Minister an indigenous German with origin in his Traditional Lands of Germany of over 40,000 years? Does he still have citizenship there? Surely, there are pure blood indigenous Australians who should have that portfolio with no risk of foreign citizenship.

  6. ...Trumble is just avoiding being asked more questions about Bananaby...

  7. Never satisfied left too soon didn't say anything my god ,so many are sick and tired of hearing about this, it is as if they are the only people in the country how many Squillions has the little trip from England cost so far

  8. Did he talk about redirecting the funding, to put 500M into relocating to Barney's electorate, and more, to fund his new baby and partner's special jobs?

  9. Turnbull must’ve gone to his rich mates to talk about tax cuts they are going to get. Instead of been with the stolen generation survivors.

  10. Labor has always lead the way in closing the gap. Whitlam, Keating and Rudd all made a fair attempt. Liberal leaders have just subjected them to backhanded statements (Howard), inaction and apathy.

  11. He was too busy defending Barnaby getting a staffer up the duff

  12. Turnbull didn't go because there were not many white rich people in attendance.

  13. Turnbull is too busy justifying the theft of taxpayer money by Barney Joyce.

  14. but if they were wealthy he'd be there soliciting donations in a heartbeat.

  15. On "closing the gap" Turnbull wants to lower the targets, so he can enjoy the celebration of his under achievements, something that he has become very used to doing !

  16. That is really disappointing

  17. Wow. Tens of Tens of people.

  18. Clearly not a priority Malcolm

  19. Want more evidence the PM is a racist? Come on, just because he pretends to be a decent human being, doesn't mean he is.

  20. White guilt has become a fetish for the Aboriginals in the same way the Holocaust became one for Jews who refuse to move on.

  21. You'd all be offended if he did attend and call him a hypocrite.