Scientists Are About to Explore a Hidden World Trapped Under Ice For 120,000 Years

Scientists Are About to Explore a Hidden World Trapped Under Ice For 120,000 Years

An Antarctic ecosystem we know nothing about.

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  1. Did I just have a stroke or was that article originally written in another language and crammed through google translate?

  2. "we need to act fast." guys, it was almost 9 months ago. i'm pretty sure the ecosystem has already begun to react to sunlight

  3. They already did this and the amount of β€œnew” bacteria they found in the ice was amazing. Not going to be good for our marine life once exposed

  4. ......after a massive iceberg the size of Delaware broke free last July...

    Ok. Hands up, who knows the size of Delaware.... anybody???... no??

  5. This was an x-files episode. So good luck.

  6. mystery otherside of antartica most likely the otherside of the moon science is control by politicians or the kings and rulers who knows always keep and control secrets

  7. I mean, so long as precaution is taken to avoid contamination that's awesome

  8. Once again this goes back to hitler's secret voyage,be careful what you wish for.

  9. The article is dated tomorrow?

  10. In case you were wondering

  11. Shellby Rossi i cannot wait till we drill under the ice on jupiter and saturns moons!

  12. More Reptilians are about to be freed

  13. Catherine Turney I don't suppose Chris is involved in this?

  14. if you see a dog chased by an helicopter, shoot it :D

  15. Maybe they will find the stargate lol

  16. It's sad the ice has melted that much.

  17. Luca Angeli finalmente scopriremo l'entrata per la terra cava!

  18. Make sure you burn those tools when you get them back.

  19. It's a trap!!! Haven't you seen Alien vs Predator

  20. What if Antarctica use to be Atlantis, now covered by ice....

  21. Is that the edge of the earth?

  22. Seeing that the USA and Russia have bases up there that aren't supposed to exist they won't see much.

  23. ope CDC is onboard for viruses

  24. Might all gore can help them about

  25. Yep. Also all them old viruses.


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