Risk of mosquito fogging

Risk of mosquito fogging

Risk of mosquito fogging

Posted by ABC News Feb. 9, 2018, 11:10 a.m.

Is fogging for mosquitoes bad for the environment and human health?

Not according to toxicologist Dr Ian Musgrave, is a senior lecturer at the University of Adelaide.

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  1. Hate mozzies, i hope his method gets rid of them. It would be fantastic if they could be eradicated for ever.

  2. What's with the ominous music? You're instilling doubt into the words of the subject matter expert, very poor form ABC. Insects and humans are different species, there are substances out there that are deadly to one species and harmless to many others. Great scaremongering

  3. Yeah right. For a supposedly smart person, this seems a bit odd. It makes me think of cane beettles and toads. What could possibly go wrong? If it kills mosquitos, what else does it kill?

  4. Why not appoint one day of the year as Mosquito Erradication Day in which all the countries of the world go out and do what they have to do to eliminate mosquitoes from their territories?

  5. All chemicals use as directed by the pharmaceutical companies are harmless according to them????? That's why so MANY PEOPLE ARE DYING OF CANCER???? But they won't admit to this!!!!!

  6. I was in Rockhampton Qld as a kid & they would spray for mosquitoes, they have also done this in other towns. The smell is disgusting & is overpowering. I don't think it would be that good for your health either.

  7. Calm down everyone. I lived with weekly fogging in Singapore for four years. No ill effects. I keeps mosquito borne diseases down. They are definitely deadly.

  8. They could always mass plant plants proven to repel mozies...
    But that would be cheap, and non toxic...

  9. In 20 years time .... oh wait we have just discovered this is bad for your health. Like everything else.

  10. Haha if it is not bad for us why did the rat catchers make me get out of bed to fog my tent after my night shift... ? 🤣

  11. As kids we used to follow the car around and play in the fog it smelled so bad but we thought it was fun and exciting

  12. Time to fog Musgrave's home and family. He can stand outside with a clipboard, pencil and a stopwatch.

  13. Didn't they fog DDT awhile ago?

  14. What about all the other insect species out there that are an important ingredient in a functioning ecosystem??

  15. what happens when you are allergic to thiurams (which are an ingredient in insectisides?

  16. I don’t see the name of chemicals in the cocktail. I want to make my own decision against international benchmarks

  17. Low toxicity meaning it's still toxic just not agent orange toxic.. Jeezus..

  18. Hate mosquitoes, and millions of people world wide are allergic to them. Me included.

  19. They've also said that about round-up! It's now been proven a serious carcinogen.

  20. Do the benefits outweigh the impact on non-threatening insects?

  21. I drink chrysanthemum tea, but real flowers. I haven't been effected yet.

  22. Wouldnt this be good in developing countries like Africa for Malaria!

  23. You could do a burn off smoke the little buggars out.

  24. Amanda do you remember the fogger in Cue?

  25. Haha .. these qualified people doused the nation in DDT and said it was ok too

  26. No, just stay indoors cuz the fumes might kill you...

  27. Faraz Hedayat the trucks in Taean!

  28. Never mind that. Is the Dr an immigrant or immigrant descendant in Australia? Which immigrant community is he from? African, Briton, Chinese, Anglo, Indian, Saxon, Cambodian, Irish, Islander, German, Middle Eastern ......? Was he a dual citizen like some of the illegal immigrant heritage so called Australians in parliament?

  29. He doesn't sound very convinced.