Racing a V8 Supercar (In Our Street Cars!!)

Racing a V8 Supercar (In Our Street Cars!!)

In this epic episode, we race our cars against a 600hp V8 Supercar...

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  1. There are spoilers in the comments. Don’t read them and get angry. Just watch the video first.

    And this is a kangaroo.

    That is all.

  2. Whatever happened to taytay?


  3. Any chance you’ll do the cross over with Bad Obsession Motorsport ?

  4. So sorry for your loss. Marty, we are here in your time of need #RIPGRAMPS 😭😭😭😭 On the plus side at least we should be getting a video on fixing gramps

  5. Now Moog and the Mad Scientist have gotta rip apart the box and replace those synchro rings you fried!

  6. I genuinely haven't been that sad watching tv since Will Smith's dog died in I am Legend Marty Mulholland - MCM, i feel your pain!

  7. Mighty Car Mods, just want you to know I felt genuinely sad watching the gearbox give out in Supergramps. I know the pain 😪

  8. New video was amazing! Kinda sad we didn't get to see the Bug send it against a V8. Heart sunk a little for Marty. Get well soon SG!!

  9. U killed supergramps, I think u need to finally hand him over to me to be taken care of, u keep hurting him

  10. Would’ve liked to see how Double Unicorn would have fared!

  11. You gotta fix supergramps and then have a rematch would really love to see the results

  12. What about that beatle with the Subaru engine?

  13. Do up your shoe laces mate, bloody dangerous 🤪

  14. "Sometimes I realize what we do is kind of weird.. But kind of cool" -- Marty

  15. Bolt a couple twins out of the bonnet of modmax and give her some decent tyres..

  16. Woohoo Mozzie! Sucks him crashing out of the 12hr

  17. Racing a v8 supercar in our street cars and mod max

  18. Brock Harvey Chaz's new livery, and a very unique way to launch it :p

  19. Look on the positive side. Ya did better than Roadkill did when they went up against that Legacy 😅

  20. Perfect excuse to do a input shaft repair video. I’m doing the same repair at the moment.
    RIP super gramps

  21. Oh man when he cranks up the V8 I nearly wet myself...

  22. Whole load of torque + a heavy launch + 4WD = mad project car with no drive. :(

  23. Mod Max was the surprise package on those tyres! well done..

  24. I'm curious what happened to Super Gramps 🤔

  25. Marty ended up with most of his cars broken... First 2Sexy and now supergramps... 🙁

  26. I thought Super Gramps did a wheelie at first. Then chills went down my spine. :'(

  27. any chance of the video of the falcon doing the burnout without the music? (Y)

  28. That was good fun.I actually cheered out loud at one point! Nice one Lads.

  29. If Supergramps didn't break down that would've been such a close race

  30. That is so sad 😭 super cramps

  31. any chance mcm might get into a bit of local racing ? or build a race car/ have a race team ?

  32. Could have been any of the cars

  33. Take it easy with the spoilers, you clowns.

  34. And now I have to go to work and don’t have time to watch this now...

  35. Im loving it right now im watching it right now

  36. Great video guys!! Absolutely enjoying watching your videos!!
    How do i get a ride in one your cars??

  37. Poor Supergramps! Speedy recovery!

  38. Why has the cresta got SA plates?

  39. repair video for supergramps pls

  40. I cried for supergramps...

  41. Poor Super Gramps. You must rebuild!

  42. do u guys still have miss daisy ?