Ozzy Man Reviews: Greatest Gold Win

Ozzy Man Reviews: Greatest Gold Win

Ozzy Man Reviews: Greatest Gold Win

Posted by Ozzy Man Reviews Feb. 8, 2018, 11 a.m.

In the lead up to the winter olympics here's a reminder of the greatest win ever...🎙

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  1. When you do the least amount of work on a project but end up getting the highest marks😂

  2. People seem to forget... he made the finals at the an Olympic event, as in top five the world could produce on the day. All credit to him and his efforts.

  3. He knew what he was doing. He spent alot of time to get where he did and dedicated his life to that event. He was quoted as saying, "The only other person who spent more time on the ice in Australia during that time was Ben Cousins."
    Ahhhh that shit never gets old.

  4. Can I get 1k likes because today I proposed to a pretty babe and she said yes, then I was glad and put my knife back into my pocket.

  5. The rest of those cat's should have taken a moment to read "The Tortoise and The Hare" before the race!🤔 If they'd have done that they'd have been fine.😃 Instead, only one of em did! And that children, is how the Wonder from Down Under took home the gold with a pair of speed skates!😎

  6. That’s so funny, the best bit is when you see the fallen scrabble to the finish line. One guy try’s to stretch his arm past the finish line, another does some sort skid across the line. Made my day.

  7. I remember watching and hear Basil Zemplis call this. Basil was the proby at these Olympics and the other "old hands" like Bruce Macivanie (sp) thought nothing was going to happen and chose figure skating, downhill, etc, to call. And young Baz ends up calling our first Winter Olympics gold medal. PMSL!

  8. Love! I remember an interview where the brad said- it was my tactic the whole time, was hoping a couple would clash and i might random a bronze! Nek minnut gold

  9. Zain Awan best part is "People in the crowd were yelling go faster steve. He was like shut up dickheads thats a shit idea" 😂😂😂😂

  10. Guy deserved it.. only one not trying to sniff every else’s arsehole on the way round. Well done sir 👍👍🙌🙌

  11. Easy win, no worries. I reckon it was the first time for this man to see ice, that doesnt go in a glass, in his life. Mad respect for being able to stand on those knives without a chair in front of it.

  12. He was good enough to get there and they were pushing too hard. It’s a win.

    This isn’t like someone who put random answer on a test. Then got a hundred percent. Yes that happened at my school and they got an award because it was an external test. Now that got a name for it.
    This was skill, hard work combined with a bit of luck and others people pushing too much. Keep trying everyone and you could take home a gold!

  13. My life's motto: "Why would I put effort into going fast, when I can go at a leisurely pace and fuckin' take home gold."

  14. Not to forget that this legend also got through to the finals in the same fashion, by letting the guys in front of him fall :D

  15. Can't top that one, so it's not interesting anymore to watch the winter Olympics, unless steve Bradbury is in it

  16. Oh my fuck. Five hours of sleep and cranky as fuck. Saw this and burst out laughing. Leisurely pace fucking killed me.

  17. The best part is, this was ACTUALLY his strategy: once he got to the semi finals, he figured he couldn't keep up with the rest, so playing it safe and waiting for a crash was his best bet. He was well behind in the semi-final, but the front three all crashed, allowing him into the final, where everyone crashed on the final bend!

  18. It is kinda same like Finland won the 1995 Ice-Hockey world championship Gold in Sweden. We´ve been playing ice-hockey 22 years after that but the won on 1995 is still the greatest moments in ice-hockey history. Sure Finland has won gold after that too but those moments dont come even close to the year 1995.

  19. Hey Ozzy Man Reviews looking forward to all the reviews of the 2018 winter games, keep up the good work ya cheeky bugger!

  20. Just awesome! Heard an interview recently with Bradbury. He’d put in the hard yards for so many years before this. Thoroughly deserved and thanks for sharing 😊

  21. He was way behind and didn't get caught up in the spill. I wouldn't call that obliterating the competition . I call it being lucky.

  22. Nope. The greatest win ever was Kerry Strugg running a perfect ten on the vault despite having a broken ankle. Bringing the gold to her team.

  23. Is there any chance Ozzy man can become an olympic event commentator? It would attract so many more viewers. I know I would tune in

  24. Lee Lewis - I'm not sure if I should thank you and Jennifer Lewis Todd, or not! I've spent way too much time catching up on Ozzie Man!

  25. It was a risky plan, but it paid off in the end..

  26. Kirsten Gottschalk greatest moment in sports history if you haven't seen this before look up Steve Bradbury. legend

  27. I remember this race well. As a fellow speed skater who always came in 2nd or 3rd I was so happy for him to win.

  28. The best part is watching the others crawl to win the Silver and the Bronze. Something for their grandchildren to marvel over

  29. He was like "waaaaait for iiit..waaaait iiit..." 😂

  30. Chris Phillips omg i was watching this with my foster parents and we all fucking lost it over this, like what fucking luck haha

  31. Felisa... when life wants to be drama, ease back and watch the wreck as you pass by! #rubbernecker

  32. Excellent moment. He just followed the first basic rule "stay upright". Top stuff👍

  33. And from that was born the saying “he/she chucked a Bradbury”

  34. ‘...If you leave people alone, 99% of the time they will self-destruct...’

    Juma 😂😂😂😂
    Nguna come see.

  35. Jack Cohen I guess australia does do Winter Olympics

  36. Ellie Pattinson if you needed a reason to love the winter olympics

  37. Love this, like a classic mario kart victory 👌🏻

  38. Slow and steady wins the race 👍👍

  39. Aimee Pitcher since you're in the mood for the winter olympics

  40. Paul Read, this is "the gran turismo winning online races 101"😂

  41. He had to make the final in the first place! 👍

  42. Corey Rutgers come back and watch the Olympics with me please haha

  43. Janne täähän on ku meiä perjantaipelit.
    Mönkkönen höntyilee ja äijä kerää hedelmät pelisilmällä 😅😁

  44. Ranjitha Nataraja we should downloading his signature dialogue “ na f**k u na f**k u na f**k” and keep it as caller tune🤣😂😈

  45. OMG ... I’ve been waiting on his commentary on this one forever... Nathan