Oops Credit Superficial​

Oops Credit Superficial​

Oops Credit Superficial​

Posted by Showpo Feb. 13, 2018, 10:05 a.m.


Credit Superficial

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  1. Liana Gornik I have screenshots of like everyone so watch out

  2. Shannon how accurate of me. Could ruin half of South west boi

  3. Lisa Catto if we ever test James with all his stories

  4. I must have a lot of patience 👌🏾😂 Abby Claire Wilkins the amount of ammo I’ve got on people 💁🏽‍♀️

  5. This is so you Jane Rule 😂

  6. Jo Howard instead of screenshots I mean secrets ;)

  7. Mikaela de Graaf 😂😂 we can't ever stop being friend's with the intel we have on eachother let alone anyone else 😂😂😂

  8. Ruby Buller always keep your receipts hahaha

  9. Grace Reynolds
    Nick Hyde don’t test her... she can be scary. I am scared of her

  10. Jasmine Brough you could ruin my life with the Snapchat screenshots you’ve got #triplechins

  11. Brittany Pallett 😂😂💁‍♀️ your mine at the end of the night haha

  12. Zac Thumm .... see, where there’s a will there’s a way

  13. Georgia Morandin how I feel with Chloe imagine if her mum seen that photo 😂

  14. Mads Whitfield me with tinder hahah bulk screenshots

  15. Sophie Crayford when savage serena comes to life

  16. Joanna Redding my feels right now 😂 the dirt I’ve got

  17. Kristal Rose the lives we could ruin...

  18. Georgia Dougherty you and your Snapchat screenshot collection 😂

  19. Rochelle Narayan Nd wt wen it doesn’t wrk lol 😂😂

  20. I can just see you Samii Madden 😘😂😂

  21. Leah Raffaele one person springs to mind haha

  22. Treveen Liyanage honestly me when I quit

  23. Michelle Parker... hard drives and such

  24. Jason Geriesi Justin McDonald.... just keep talking about my mugs... 🙄

  25. Courtney Ford if this isn’t you😂😂

  26. Emily Wake this is you 😳😂😖

  27. Sherryn Potae 😂 our conversation today 👌🏼

  28. Manda Gatt ohhh I think of you 😛


  30. Tamanna Gambhir i got ss of errythang

  31. Hahahaha damn straight Renée Sarah Smithson 😂😂😂

  32. Shenee Louise Harman you! Hahaha #savage

  33. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ME Kimberley Tobin

  34. Isabella Bradshaw-West we could ruin so much 🤔

  35. Peta Ryder Melanie Ryder hahaha for real!

  36. Ashleigh Randall 😂😂 it doesnt work

  37. Matthew Pounnouvong you could ruin me 😂