Nationals eyeing the unthinkable: Life after Barnaby

Nationals eyeing the unthinkable: Life after Barnaby

Do the Nationals have a contingency plan?

Intero Articolo: The Sydney Morning Herald


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  1. A contingency plan? I am still waiting to hear how Barnaby is going to pay back the millions he claimed while illegally being in office.

  2. Barnaby has entered the 'dead but won't lie down' phase. These guys just don't do the inevitable. #StepDownBarnaby

  3. This is the country we have become. People of average intelligence in positions that usually demand a good process of policy. This goose has shown time and time again he cannot make good decisions and is out of his depth. If this is the best Tamworth can offer is it any wonder he forces people to move there by relocating government departments. No one in their right mind would want to be represented by this fool.

  4. Of course he's toast. As long as he's there, it's bad news in the news every day for the coalition. And it can only get worse.

  5. If they didn’t hold fast, they would gain more respect from the public.
    Refusing to admit there is a problem results in exactly what they are trying to avoid, public resentment.
    Parliamentarians are their own worst enemies.

  6. Whatever life the Liberals had/have, there will be no life for them after Beetrooter. No wonder Malcolm is ducking and weaving! Bring on a general election. It's time for this country to have their say, again!

  7. Let him stay . Its the gift that keeps giving for Labor
    Just cant get over that at least two mature women thought ol Beetroot head was attractive enough to go to bed with ..

  8. How can the Mining and Water-Theft party go past Michael McCormack! Self-outed homophobe and housing rorter!

    The hayseeds will love him!

  9. Barnaby Berlusconi and his “bunga bunga” efforts undermine the values of his party... it seems this Liberal party’s arrogance has seeped into the Nationals... Australian politics has become a farce!

  10. What's with Turnbull? The hypocrite!

    "in a sign of his concern for the reputation of the government, it was reported on Tuesday that Turnbull had "hit the phones" that morning canvassing Nationals support for Joyce." SMH

    "Concern for the reputation of the government!
    Give us a break!

    So he ain't going anytime soon.... is he now?

  11. Watching the 7.30 Report about the misuse of our precious resource, water ... This is yet another expose’ on the mismanagement on the Murray Darling .. explanations needed from Barnaby and Co, the Nationals.

  12. The Nationals have faced oblivion for the past 30 years and yet they are still growing in electoral popularity and Parliamentary Representation.

    People should be more concerned about the Liberal Party.

    They need to improve significantly to have any chance of winning Government.

  13. I dunno they should probably keep him, he fits in line with what a loose out of control right wing of government is expected to be, hypocrites.

  14. You can bet that secretly they are circling. Someone in the Nats sees a big payday and Deputy PM title on his door.

  15. Three important words that should be shouted from the housetops forte and in perfect harmony.

    Bye, bye Barnaby.

  16. They are a bunch of headless munters devoid of any real talent....if Barnaby is the best you have got the you are up s$&t creek...

  17. Mal wont want Barnaby gone yet as he is Acting PM Mal is off to the US..he wont want his plans stuffed up now will he.

  18. Yes, they hope Australians keep reading the Sydney Morning Herald since you have not been doing your job! The Sydney Morning Herald How hard is it to do objective investigative reporting?? Who owns the SMH???

  19. Do it this week. There's no way Joyce can be acting PM next week.
    Jotce taking leave next week just furthers the ongoing, unacceptable LoveGare Byelection Cover Up.
    Joyce and Turnbull stole the New England Byelection. Joyce must go this week, Turnbull when he returns to Australia.

  20. He can be a stay at home Dad and let Vicki go back to work

  21. There's always life after you're gone and that includes Joyce. You'll just be a name in the history books like so many others before you. helen

  22. It's always so delicious when Conservatives unravel over "morality"

  23. Omg what a sorry lot if they think Mr Joyce is the only choice they have.......

  24. Should be easy to find a contingency. A half chewed up mintie could do a better job than this moron

  25. What's the bets his "partner" leaves him any day now.

  26. Barny will be marched before march.


  28. I predict the game is afoot and politics is about to be played. Watch ya back Barnaby.....

  29. Who else could fill that absurd hat?

  30. Common Decency lacking Barnaby Joyce in life. Credibility shattered has to retire .

  31. The Nationals are too weak, morally deficient, too decrepit to move him on.

    Am I right or am I right?

  32. So all he will do is stand down as leader of the LNP?

  33. First repay any money you cheated from us , the working people.

  34. Just wait for the usual political rubbish where after all this they let him stay in parliament.

  35. Darren Chester is the only credible one amongst them. He is leadership material.

  36. Possibly you’d be better to ask ‘do the Nationals plan’ SMH.

  37. they don’t look too enthusiast to me.

  38. Probs just best pack up your bibles and go back to the swamp

  39. They should take notes.... ie . what Not to do in government.

  40. David Littleproud would make a good leader.

  41. Well Barnaby behaviour should make losses in orange and calare a sure thing

  42. Getting ahead of yourself there.SMH.wishful thinking much.😆

  43. I think the Libs should separate from the Nats.

  44. I recall the scandal of Labor's Jim Cairns & Junie Morosi....