Nathan Cleary - 2017 Highlights

Nathan Cleary - 2017 Highlights

Nathan Cleary - 2017 Highlights

Posted by NRL - National Rugby League Feb. 13, 2018, 9:33 a.m.

Nathan Cleary... Panthers Prodigy.


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  1. You're looking at the NSW Blues halfback for the next 10 years.

  2. If he can stay fit and on his game, his name will be mentioned with some of the greatest the games ever seen.

  3. Got to laugh at all the Tigers supporters.

    Going to be some disappointment amongst Tigers supporters soon haha.

    Tigers should develop their own juniors from their extensive junior system...oh wait..

  4. Going to the Tigers in 2020 just wait and see.

  5. Panthers prodigies are a dime a dozen only hope we can actually hold on to this one.

  6. i am a diehard maroon BUT I beg of ya plz throw a permanent blue jersey at him..for origin sake

  7. You penny panthers supporters can have Luke Brooks instead.

  8. Until The Roosters squeeze him in under the cap

  9. Maurice Kasses all these highlights in 1 and a half NRL seasons

  10. Until he joins his dad at the Tigers

  11. Josh Shearim hopefully his on song for youse this year and youse will be hard to deal with

  12. Ashton Baker he's been taking notes from wilko's good form

  13. John Low watch from the 20second mark
    How’s that score 😉

  14. New South Wales state of origin number 7 this year if they want to finally win !!!

  15. Absolute must as starting Halfback for the NSW Blues!!!

  16. One of the best up and comers in the game today.

  17. He is a good one penny panthers better hang on to him

  18. Look how good the future of the tigers will be Joey Jeff George

  19. I enjoy watching this Panther😄😅😆

  20. Best young talent that I can see, his bomb is amazing

  21. I will follow nrl as long as cleary is a panther

  22. bring ivan back to the mountain to keep him there

  23. Luke what's the bet he steps his game up this year too

  24. Keep running for the bus son 2019 is just around the corner

  25. Good mate of yours isn’t he? Douglas Eaddy

  26. Daniel Lawler future immortal lad

  27. Jack Wilson is this your mate?

  28. Indi Cleary where’s your talent?

  29. Tigers next year for sure bra 😉 Thomas O'Grady

  30. Zachary Pagano Tyler Ryan it’ll be sad to see him leave, but not really

  31. Matt Taylor he goes alright ;)

  32. Nick Stubbs what can’t he do

  33. Alexander Ryan must have for fantasy

  34. Tom Wyatt who needs pornhub 😩😍

  35. Cronk replacement at roosters!

  36. Jake Mercieca this’ll tickle your fancy

  37. Join 'Panther Gang' FB group... panther fans.

  38. Curtis Miles give him all the money

  39. Future west tiger prodigy

  40. west tigers need you. =))