NRL team lists: Trials and World Club Challenge

NRL team lists: Trials and World Club Challenge

Team lists for this weekend's #WorldClubChallenge and trial matches are in!


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  1. Bulldogs have just listed everybody who has signed in to the Leagues Club this year.

  2. $40-$70 for glorified trial matches is far too much.

    The NRL is already alienating fans before the season begins.

  3. Lol the storm lost to new castle. They got no chance

  4. How good is it to have the footy back on,over the cricket at the moment,bring on round 1

  5. NRL...National Rugby League.....may I please ask how/where I find all the 'FREE TO AIR' broadcasts of all the pre-season games on behalf of the 92year old MIL who does NOT HAVE the FOX??????

  6. So what kind of storm team is going to line up on Saturday vs the Warriors? A bunch of nobody's?

  7. Charbel Issa Brandon Smith named at 9 is scary for Cams Supercoach points

  8. Is Sam Burgess injured or just sitting the Wigan game out?

  9. Brodie Croft slide nicely into the 7. Cooper who?

  10. Watch the boy do his thing Jake Schreiber #croftnation #cuz #imonboard

  11. Luke Herezo surely I could just go to work tired on Saturday πŸ˜‚

  12. Isabella Ticchio told ya it’d be full strength storm

  13. Guessing Cameron Smith will be refereeing on Friday night.

  14. Adrian Spowart we get to watch the StormZzzz

  15. This better be televised Jacko Underwood

  16. Can’t wait for season kickoff..why feb is so slow this year πŸ€”πŸ€”

  17. Finally footys back 😁 Smash them boys πŸ’― #Purplecity

  18. Will these games be televised? What channels?

  19. Joseph Slater Chayeb βœ… the exact team we wanted πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  20. I thought JT is out for good

  21. Mason Reilly Moses at fullback 😍

  22. Bring on the footy woohoo

  23. Adam Spittle keen for some footy

  24. Joshua Te Kani Taylor gonna be a guessing storm team

  25. Caleb Aekins congrats my man

  26. Storm by 60 aye Luke Waiti

  27. Celebrations in Melb after they smash Leeds Alx Gside Alison Robbingham Alexander Jones Abbie Harrison

  28. Rob Langton Cyle Rhodes lineup boys.

  29. Shannon Bowe here you go.

  30. Watch for season ending injuries Jack Miller. Roger Marshall. Shannon Beaton

  31. Josh Standing Lachlan Kelly

  32. Nick Cusworth Kimberley Cusworth

  33. Mitchell Jones Daniel Dimovski

  34. Doug Walters Reece Walters

  35. Andrea SoniaSofia McGrady

  36. This weekend Steve Smart Jayden Smart Matthew Hobbs James Foster