Mum calls for urgent recall on Peppa Pig bowl after her baby chokes

Mum calls for urgent recall on Peppa Pig bowl after her baby chokes

The terrified mum wants others to know of the choking risk this bowl and others like it might pose to your little ones.

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  1. Happens to a lot of bowls and plates I have brought for my son. Do you really expect a $3 item to last forever? It is just a stick on thing, be more aware of what you are putting your childs food in. If I notice it starting to bubble or fray I rip the sticker off, wash the bowl, and continue to use it.

  2. Had mine for 2 yrs it did this but I noticed before putting food in it. So I ripped it off and still use the bowl the pic is still on there and my child is safe not a big deal. Do ppl not check things before they use things. Also they don’t cost much so throw it out.

  3. Just check the bowl regularly, wash carefully, put in the bin if it’s falling apart... again someone moaning over something that’s their fault 🙄 any reason to complain nowadays.

  4. I’ve had quite a few melamine bowls and plates do this. The moment they start peeling I throw them out. I’ve found the Vue ones from MYER and Bunnykins melamine plates are great and don’t do this.

  5. This happens when you put these kind of bowls/plates/mugs in a DISH WASHER since forever! Hand wash only!!

  6. Most kids plates have that that coating. Scratching he bottom with utensils + putting it in the dishwasher makes it peel. Check them after washing and you won’t have a problem.

  7. It’s not good that this has happened at all. Although how was the food prepared is what I’m curious about as most of these bowls state that they’re not dishwasher or microwave safe as it can cause them to melt. I know it doesn’t mention how the Mum prepared the meal but as a Mum myself if it says it’s not microwave safe or dishwasher safe it doesn’t go in. Just curious that’s all

  8. I have had these sort of bowls/plate when I was a kid was never an issue then. And have used for my daughter. Just check regularly like dummies etc. Things do wear out. I did throw one out recently as it started to peel.

  9. We have similar ones and they have done this in the past. We just make sure we check them while drying them and again before using them....... it seems very common for printed bowls & plates.

  10. All printed bowls like this do it it, mostly in dishwasher or hot water. If she worried should of looked where it says about washing

  11. This happened to a Peppa pig plate we have. But it says dishwasher and microwave safe, so why would it say it if it's not safe and causes peeling of plastic.

  12. We have this bowl but The Wiggles and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I'm pretty sure they aren't microwave safe for this reason 🤔 also it is very noticable when it's peeling / peeled if you actually look at the bowl before placing thr contents inside. The Kmart bowls have also done this, it's because they are cheap. If you know how to use and store them correctly as well as check them over before use you won't have any issues... we haven't and our bowls are over a year old 😊

  13. The wiggles one does the same. And no they were not washed in the dishwasher as i dont have one so it was hand washed. As soon as i noticed it went straight to the bin.

  14. All of those bowls are the same, we have the same ones with the wiggles and they to peel the plastic up after a wash in the dishwasher

  15. I brought one last week from big w. A wiggles one tho.
    I'm about to chuck it out after reading this.
    Not risking it.

  16. I have one of these bowls and it's starting to peel. I don't own a dishwasher nor have I ever put it in the microwave so yep they are dangerous

  17. All bowls do this if placed in microwave or dishwasher I think most people with common sense already knows this

  18. All my bowls like this do it - the dishwasher does it to them

  19. All bowls like this do this if put in the dishwasher.

  20. Russell should we chuck the wiggles bowl?

  21. I have the peppa pig section plate and it done this after a few uses. I wash by hand no dishwasher.

  22. Yep we had this and it did the same thing. Glad the little one is okay

  23. I threw this bowl out last week after I noticed it peeling !

  24. Chris, this is the same bowl at yours, and it's doing the same thing...! 😳

  25. Luke Salmon I think I've bought this bowl for your house 😯😯 better throw it out x

  26. Vanessa Tóth just an FYI not sure if the wiggles bowl has a similar plastic film on it.

  27. Yep our wiggles plate did it. As soon as I noticed it went in the bin

  28. Tara Tait
    Gus's bowl did this the other day

  29. Vajrala dont use plastic ;)

  30. Nicole Jenkins these were the ones we were looking at in big w. Exact reason why I didn’t buy it.

  31. Ron Retta do u have this bowl?

  32. This happened to one of mine as a kid. I peeled it off and moved on.

  33. Happens to all my daughters ones too and I don't own a dishwasher I am the dishwasher lol

  34. We have this bowl. Thanks for the heads up

  35. Same thing happened to my granddaughters .😠😠😠

  36. We have this, it did the same thing

  37. We don’t use a dishwasher and it did this

  38. We have this bowl and same problem!!!

  39. Kirsty Pitt floss has this and the same thing happened 🙈

  40. I threw ours in the bin because it did this

  41. We're you microwaving it?
    What detergents, cleaning tools, were you using?
    All the facts thanks.

  42. Notice the big bins of discounted bowls like this a Big W 🤔 Sofie Payne