Miss ya Credit Be More​

Miss ya Credit Be More​

Miss ya Credit Be More​

Posted by Showpo Feb. 9, 2018, 8:05 a.m.

Miss ya

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  1. Bahaha, yeh there’s one bitch I def don’t miss that gets this thrown at her daily for throwing me under the bus for doing her “dirty” work!!! You know who you are 🖕🏻

  2. Aimee Devine you said you were visiting this week. Every time the doorbell went off I was like “is that Aimee, nooooo” lol

  3. Ha ha ha! Would have loved if you could’ve been there with us! Maybe have to organise a family one one day!🤪

  4. Alice Fealy how I feel since Rachel Taylor jumped on the boyfriend wagon I miss ya but you a hoe for ditching us

  5. Samantha Ison Lisa Masters just letting out know that you probably would want to tag each other in this.

  6. Kylie Zammit and it’s only been an hour an half since I saw you

  7. Creepy that person n the white top that walks behind her lol

  8. Tiahni it’s been so lonely at work 😂

  9. Haven’t seen you for over 24 hours Emma Perry miss u x

  10. Rosh Sangi lol I wanna talk and laugh so loud at Schnitz until we get asked to leave 😂

  11. Jennifer Evans 😂 I saw this and thought of you , something we would do 😜love ya

  12. bahaha i dnt miss u but this just made me think of us haha Nataša Dragić lol

  13. Louise us because we didn’t get to go hahaha

  14. Rachel Hone even though it’s been over a year I still can’t believe you moved away from me....

  15. Courtney I feel like we made a connection over the last two weeks. I'll miss you!!

  16. Katherine Broadway Greg Ellen Holland isla this isla when I take her to kinda 🤔😂😂😂😂

  17. Maria Tuporo Adriana Toluono our reaction all the time 😂😂😂😂 well more like gaaaaaaaay 😂😂😂😂

  18. Billy Blythe don’t actually miss you, give tagged you for the finger part 😂

  19. Have fun in Darwin dolphins 😂 Aisling Byrne Maeve Byrne (sorry 🖕)

  20. Chloe Reingoud i miss you, but that finger is for leaving me here in nederland 🤣❤️!’

  21. Shania Reihana Magele when I don’t see you for less than a week 😂 I’m coming over after work tomorrow ☺️💕

  22. Jess Lunders haven’t seen you since Monday 💔

  23. Maria Martin
    When I text you...😘
    But text way to late...😵

  24. Did you watch the full thing Kimberley? 😭 thanks 😝

  25. Ana i tag you again because i do 😇😘

  26. Lisa Sawalaga Holst I was gonna tag you in this then I saw she gives the finger at the end

  27. Shani I missed you today 🖕🏻

  28. Luke have i tagged you in this yet? Coz that is you 😂

  29. Gerard, not what you think lol!

  30. Jason for you to tag Bryn

  31. Perfect. Just for you Angela

  32. Sean Schofield good to have you back as a fb friend❤️

  33. Chris Hardy miss you already and you havnt even left yet 😂🙄🖕🏿

  34. Alana Jane sorry I promise I’ll get back to you soon my love

  35. When you leave work before me Monique Arnott haha 😂 just kidding!!!

  36. MichelleWhitley...just for you...😜😜😜

  37. Jules 🤣🤣🤣 but really I do miss you 😘

  38. Jade Lampkin me after Tuesday because you’re off living a better life ):

  39. Why doesn’t Kelly come to the races

  40. Alan Holliday I was about to tag you then I watched the whole thing 😂

  41. Bao Xiong you need to hurry up and get yo ass over hurrrr lol

  42. Abby Carter Not going to get old, or irrelevant 🖕🏻

  43. AlexAndros SandraLütje so einsam hier oben!😂😂😂

  44. Samuel Cross and I are back off to melbs sorry baby

  45. Lachlan Brodie🤷🏽‍♀️ I feel like being nice today

  46. Erin Heyes. Is this what you meant at the pub last week? Lol

  47. I don’t know why but her face looks like deryas Berivan Ya