Migrants react to Pauline Hanson's 8-year wait for citizenship proposal

Migrants react to Pauline Hanson's 8-year wait for citizenship proposal

"Unjust and unfair"

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  1. That woman is scary!! She's got the brain of a chipmunk and all her initiatives are unfounded and detrimental to our society, most of them being xenophobic. Has she forgotten that's she isn't a First Nation??

  2. Once upon a time you immigrated here and you made your own way. Without complaints. And made millions in the process from hard work. Now you just stick your hand out. Thank you greens and leftys.

  3. U better off wait outside Australia for 8 years and then keep doing that forever.....safe for straya😊...#bugger off Paulin Hand(job)son😳😎

  4. I’m not a English man.!

    I only speak Australian.!

    Question ;

    Pauline ,
    What’s the different between a fish n Chips shop🍟 , And a bucket of Poo πŸ’© Bills !!!


    The bucket!

    Haha πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ !!!

  5. Time has not been good to her. Does she smoke or do other things. She looks 70. As for her earrings, is she trying to look young

  6. Pauline's poll numbers are down. She needs to spark some controversy to try and stay relevant.

  7. Stay strong Pauline Hanson. Many support your efforts to save Australia.

  8. I thought she had gone back to Ipswich! Time to shut up Pauline! No one is listening! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  9. Not seen evidence of her "competent English language proficiency "

  10. Why should English be a prerequisite for Citizenship? I didn't have to speak English to get citizenship.

  11. Ten years and you cant get unemployed benefits EVER

  12. Okay if it also applies to politicians with dual citizenship.

  13. And no welfare benefits either

  14. She was barking about people not assimilating and now when people want to be Australians she barks about delaying it.. typical Trump female version

  15. good idea, shame it hasnt caught on in NZ yet.

  16. Haven't seen much of her lately - not that I'm complaining. Has she found a new hobby?

  17. At a current rate of 640,000 migrants per year, this policy would be astute.

  18. It's a sign of mental deficiency to blame all the problems on immigrants.

  19. Yeah, give em everything ASAP

  20. European will wait for 8 years...

  21. very fair commonsense proposal.

  22. She is getting desperate due to collapse in support right across the country for One Nation including QLD surprisingly! What else was she going to do to stop the bleeding but to again create controversy about immigrants! Looks like people are sick of her same old crap!

  23. Why ask this braindead idiot of a excuse for a woman