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Posted by Fortafy Jan. 24, 2018, 1 p.m.


Credit: The Australian Reptile Park
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  1. If i had that opened in my house. I would probably sell my house and move to Yemen.

  2. Fire is very effective on these demons it’s also amusing watching them run around on fire and squealing

  3. It's not that bad. I saw one hatch on my porch one time. And for those of you who don't know, when born baby spiders let out some web, so the wind carries them away. Baby spiders were flying everywhere. Now THAT was scary.

  4. Sad,cause baby spiders should stay inside until they are ready to go out...not to be forced to...

  5. Excuse me while I go take five showers.

  6. I have a spider big as most of your faces. And he hasn’t tried to hurt anybody in his entire life, when I come home from work he crawls to the side of his cage and freaks out toward me till I get him out... when I do he curls up on my hand for a minute then wanders around. Then Eventually he gets back in his cage and nests down in the coconut fiber.

    You see the spider isn’t the thing that’s scary. It’s man. And this man if you try to hurt my little guy, for I will light you on fire.

  7. ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ladies and gentlemen men and women boys and girl doctors and nurses niece and nephews sons and daughters fathers and mothers elders and teenagers weak and strong faster and slower to be honest don't you see that i have nothing to say.Thanks for your attention

  8. I don’t understand why people r so terrified of a tiny little spider... i can understand if they’re venomous enough to kill or seriously hurt you but other than that it’s just a little fuzzy creature. they help our ecosystem

    Watcha think? Ali

  9. I would step on it and put my shoe on fire.. then take a plane to the philippines lmao

  10. OMG! At 1st I was like why are they cutting that fishes mouth open like that? Then all hell broke loose!!!! 😣😣😣😣

  11. Ugh why do I feel like they’re crawling on me

  12. They are really cute tho :( they are not scary, and he's forcing them out of their home :( they are not ready to go out yet poor spiders

  13. Omg 😍 They're so tiny and absolutely adorable! I would play with them for sure and feed them tiny crickets or meal worms so they grow big and strong!!!!

  14. In primary school, all these kids were in a circle laughing and freaking out. My friend and I went over to see what was going on. One of them had a stick with a big garden spider on it.
    They were squirting it with water and doing all they could to torment it.
    So my friend walked into the middle of the circle, picked the spider up off the stick and walked it over to a safe place on a tree.
    The spider could have attacked her but for some reason, it seemed to trust her.
    I will never forget this, and because of her I will always stand up for the big and little guys.
    Not long after, I found a massive huntsman in a classroom that was missing half of its legs, I wanted so bad to try the trust game.. I didn’t tell anyone in the class because I knew they’d kill it, and he let me pick him up and put him somewhere safe. I was in grade 3 or 4 and it made me realise how precious all living things are.

    I never kill spiders now, and I will never hate them

  15. I will kill them with fire 🔥 and stand there to watch them dying

  16. Idk whats so wrong? Thought it was going to be a jumpscare or something but nah.. Just an eggsack with babyspoods. Glad it was a good one, seen a few bad where all the babies where dead.. Such a sad experience for the Tarantula keeper.

  17. The upside to this story is that a man found this in his back yard, had it ID’d as a funnel web egg sac, so he took it to the Australian Reptile park in tact. There they cut it open and separated them all out and are going to raise them so they can milk their venom to make anti-venom. They’re the only place in the whole of Aus that produces funnel web anti venom. So this is actually super important and helpful! Something to help combat the ick factor I hope

  18. Babies are like "No! Don't want out, wants cuddles!"
    Put them somewhere safe. They eat the bad bugs.

  19. This is actually a batch of the most deadliest spider in Australia. It was found in a garden in Australia and the owner called the Australian Reptile Park to remove them.

    Luckily the Australian Reptile Park is the one of the only places in Australia which harvests this breed of spider to make anti-venom for the most deadliest spider in Australia.

  20. Don't let this distract you from the fact that Hector is going to be running 3 Honda Civics with spoon engines. And on top of that, he just went into Harry's, and he ordered 3 T66 turbos, with NOS. And a Motec exhaust system!

  21. Keeley Jeng, just a normal day in paradise, just gunna move a couple of king brown snakes so I can get the car out. When you guys coming back over 😂😂😂

  22. Arachnophobia is very rampant here. Spiders are your friends unless you would rather have overwhelming amounts of mosquitos and other small pest bugs everywhere. Ill take the spiders who generally keep to themselves and just wanna eat ill buggies.

  23. Mum u have plenty of these lil white sacks under n around outside your house . I knew they were spider eggs, but wasn’t aware that’s the amount .! Sherree Schmidt

  24. That’s not scary , its actually a bit creepy . I remember when i was a child i used to play allot in the trees , and there were lots of eggs like these ones full of spiders , and i remember sometimes one of these would open up on my lap or other parts of my body ...tbh that was the creepy part for me :))))) it was like ewww

  25. Yeah no thanks, I'd buy a flamethrower and burn it and shoot it with a 50cal to make sure it's dead. Than a dust pan to toss it out and have pest or bug control to fully clean out my house. Or simply pour a gasoline trail in the house and burn it down. I'd move to an island after that.

  26. But what sort of spiders are these? Not all spiders are harmful; some work very industriously around the house and garden ridding the property of unwanted insect pests! They don’t all rush up to bite and kill you!

  27. Torch it, burn it, flame throwers are helpful too. Move somewhere far away, wear an antibacterial suit and maybe just look like an astronaut your whole life but that's ok because no one is safe.

  28. Brandon Fisher Tom Cooke I think we need a flamethrower at the restaurant. You know, just in case I need to burn the entire building down. 😄

  29. This person is breeding some kind of arachnid he pulled the egg sack so the babies could get out. Tarantulas aren’t that scary. I hated spiders and probably will always freak out a bit but I’ve come to realize they don’t go out of their way to harm you. We are 100 times their size. If something that big came at me I’d try to protect myself anyways possible too.

  30. U are suppose to set that on fire... One time I did step on a spider in my kitchen and millions of babies was everywhere. So I got the vacuum and stucked them all up. Threw it outside and got a new vacuum. I dont play with spiders.

  31. More commonly referred to as the brown recluse. It's venom contains antigens which eat flesh away from the human skeletal system similar to the effects of staph infection.

  32. Weet je nog Dion Kik op het Camp Bon Kote in Haiti na het verwijderen van de die vogelspinnen die met zo'n zak achter hun aan liepen... We waren volgens mij net op tijd weg daar ha ha ha

  33. Jenny, have a great day thought this would make it better. Is it said you pop in my head when I see spiders or wine? 😂

  34. Those are some of the calmest baby spiders I have seen. Normally when you open a sack, its like a bunch of 16 year olds panicking at a party because a neighbor just called the cops and every one runs into the woods.

  35. I would just put it in a napkin and throw it outside far away from my house somewhere next to trees why would you want to open it disgusting I wouldn't kill it either because that's not nice

  36. Okay Mike I think this is the one to end it all. I can't imagine one worse than this. I'll reserve this as the last one I ever share with you... for now

  37. I was wondering how would it be if someone would think its just a piece of mozzarela and take a bite 😂😂

  38. Rick, look man, i dont know why you commented on this, but since you did, it came Up on my newsfeed, and now I have to burn my phone 🤮

  39. Nice Yield Man!!
    Who ever they belong to knows what He's doing.
    Healthy as fuck and the amount is awesome.
    He must have good Timing!

  40. David omg I'd sell my house😱😱 actually no fuck that i'd set it on fire and move billions of miles away😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  41. Don't Chereece Bradley blowtorch on them bastards I tell ya or sweeping brush n I'd get every single one of the legged cunts

  42. The average person eats 7 spiders a year. But why be average? Treat yourself to as many as you'd like cause you deserve it.

  43. No mother around he did what any human would... am surprised some of you are surprised...if you were a spider and ur mother died how tf u gon get out that sack... but id stay away.. lol

  44. Half of me is like "Aww... they're just baby spiders." And the other half of me is all:

  45. Terrifying?????? Is just spiders hatching out of their egg called "This is how mother Nature works". F**&^# snowflakes!!

  46. I won't disagree that opening the cacoon was kinda mean to the little guys, however, regardless of how harmless someday that spiders are if you leave em alone, if a spider is minding his business outside, and not spazing out at me I'll shudder and scream silently and back away... but if you think that I'll let a cacoon of those little creepy crawlies in my room without going vacuum batshit crazy you're highly mistaken.

  47. Bonnie Sutherland we have enough spiders now the world. They don’t need your assistance with a breeding program!!