Matt LeBlanc admits to getting road rage when there are cyclists on the roads

Matt LeBlanc admits to getting road rage when there are cyclists on the roads

'It's when there are three or four of them, side-by-side so they can chat - but they don't move out of the way.'

Do bike riders have a right to our roads, or should they move to the side?

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  1. The only time a cyclist should claim a right to share the road is when he/she pays registration, passes a road rules test and is licensed, and is required to display an identifiable plate on their "vehicle". Same rights should equal same responsibilities.

  2. Strapping some polystyrene on your head and wearing spandex does not make you an invincible super hero while you play in traffic. You are nothing more than rolling obstacles with more attitude than your weight ratio. Like little yappy dogs at the dog park.

  3. No...
    They don't pay for the roads...
    car rego does...

    They want to use the roads, then they can get a licence and rego and pay for them like everyone else.

    (Also it is illegal for cyclists to be more than 2 abreast on roads with a speed limit of over 60km/h [4 abreast is illegal anywhere])

  4. He's dead right I have to deal with the kamikazes every day 😠
    They are a nightmare..
    Weaving in and out of full on traffic rarely obeying the road rules.. They do stupid things in front of large heavy vehicles that can't see them 😠
    Makes me livered..
    They should stick to bicycle paths and footpaths.. Get off the bloody road 😠

  5. Honestly I get footpath rage bloody 3, 4 people walking side by side like their on a Sunday stroll annoys crap out of me. Can see where drivers are coming from with this statement?

  6. Sunrise, how about promoting positive sharing of the roads instead of continuing the divisive cyclists vs motorists story for clicks

  7. single file ......its time they paid for the use of the road like we do ....some of them are plan stupid and will not move over

  8. Law should be, if riding on a single lane road meaning I lane either way bikes in single file only. If double lanes either way bikes two deep only. Common sense says if the traffic is heavy in any circumstances for bike rider safety single lane only. The one metre rule is excellent and I have no trouble with that except when having to go on to the other side of a road with on coming traffic to pass riders 3or4 deep. DANGEROUS.

  9. It's not the casual riding to work type or even the kids on a sugar high who are the problem. It is the recreational cyclists. Those who view the road as their own personal time trial course and training route. They have tje same attitude to other road users as idiots who think the road is a good place to street race their hotted up cars. Only care about themselves and never consider other road users. Especially when they are in groups. It is getting so bad that when you do pass one that is using common sense it stands out due to it's rarity.

  10. In SA its already law they cant ride more 2 abreast and must be as far to the left as possible and no more than 1.5m from the kerb. Biggest issue is catching the buggers. Like so many motorists i support cyclist registration if they want to ride on the road so when they break the law they can be identified by dash cams etc and sent out fines. I see these lane hogs along anzac highway all the time. Im personally sick of them 😡😡😡 as anzac highway is listed as a highway and a bike lane is provided they legally are not allowed to be in the car lanes at all. Yet i see groups of the idiots hogging a lane just about every day. Id love to see a cop car sit in one section either side and stopping and fining the buggers. Its a known and reported problem road

  11. Max Newton-bike ridercall my life. 20 yrs competitive. I pay a Cycling licence $293 yearly. We own 3 vehicles fully insured & registered/green slips, road membe ships. Why should I pay more? I ride two abreast with other riders. Ever noticed how rough the edge of the road surfaces are. Little wonder I move out for better riding. I must say I have noticed a change in attitudes with motorists over the past 6 months. They are showing respect, are patient, pass slowly with plenty of room & occasional wave. Never seen riders training more than 2 abreast! It's all about the attitude! The biggest problem on our roads today are mobile phones drivers texting. Far more dangerous than any bike rider. Let's start a push to have the texters loose their licence. Full stop.

  12. At the end of the day, people have places to be and they want to get there as fast as the speed limit permits. If you ride a bike, go single file so cars can get past safely to both users. If not you better pedal as fast as the speed limit. That or all the roads need to be made wider to accommodate everyone.

  13. While she does point out the cyclists are doin the wrong thing and agrees with it but very quickly changes the subject or re routes the conversation. Ppl like her who are reading something that would almost seem scripted need to get a bit more educated and say what they really think.

  14. That peeves me too Nellie. What also peeves me is when there is a bike path or lane and they don't use it! We still have to give them 1m. I want to know why? They can't use a safety feature put there for them why should we get fined because they are on the road instead of their designated zone? They need to stop thinking they own the road. What do they pay to be able to have that right? No insurance, no Registration they pay nothing to main roads so really road users owe them nothing! Even trailers have to pay for the use of the road.

  15. I get shopping centre rage... Lol people standing in doorways chatting and not moving or walking and zigzagging in front of you... Haha bike riders are ok as long as they are respectful and stay in a bike lane or move over and not take up the entire lane when it is a narrow road.

  16. If they want to ride on the road obey the road rules .As they don't even have rear view mirrors they can't see if a car is trying to pass them or not. It is a dangerous situation. I have had them ride along the side of the road and without even looking pull out in front of me to go around a parked car. A car driver can't do that as though it is their God given right to do so.

  17. I am with you,buddy, one is ok but tandem or triple is too much and you are supposed to stay 1 metre away or 1 metre and 1/2 i think now, impossible on a highway and they don't have to pay rego. Most riders do the righty but others don't

  18. If cyclists can use the road without rego and green slips then maybe we can ride quads, motorbikes, electric scooters and anything else.
    FFS even a farmer has to rego his tractor and he prob only drives from one paddock to another over a government road that’s about 10m wife.

    Cyclist suck.

  19. Sorry, but if you’re on a road you need to be licensed. Bike lane or not, you’re sharing the road with cars/trucks etc and must abide by the same laws; therefore, the same licensing laws should apply.

  20. if they can't ride at the speed limit, they should get out of the way.Single file only law should be brought back & enforced. If a car was holding up traffic the same way, the police would be all over them.

  21. Single file ! I had one swerve out in front of me into the middle of the lane & wouldn’t move over ! Now bike riders like that give other bike riders a bad name ! YES we have to share the road but they need to UNDERSTAND the meaning of SHARE !

  22. Hmm. Some of them don’t follow road rules don’t follow the rules of shared footpaths. They just weave in and out where ever they like too fast for paedestrians an too slow for cars expecting everyone to make way for them. Follow the rules and people may be less angry with you. Respect is a two way street

  23. They should have a licence proving they know how to use the road and demerits, Insurance bike identification and safety checks to make sure they dont have crappy brakes and bald tires

  24. I don't think making them pay rego or insurance will stop the Lyra warriors. I don't know what will but we do need some way of identifying them so when they do ride 3 abreast, I've seen them and have gotten stuck behind them many times, they can be held accountable. Maybe If they're part of a club the club has registered number that the person has to wearand if they do something wrong then they could bee tracked down. I dunno but something has to be done. I feel sorry for the cyclists who do the right thing

  25. Why is it that we now have to break a road rule to follow thos new cyclist law when some cyclist dont obey any laws. I pay rego and licence fees to use the road. Country roads are dangerous enough without havong to deal with cyclist rding three and four abreast on curvy roads ive had to dodge cars on the wrong side of the road because of irresponsible cyclist taking up all the lane

  26. Cycle paths are fine you dont need to use our already busy congested roads. There are speed limits on roads for a reason. Instead of cyclists doing 15kms per hour in an 80 zone why not use the cycle path where there is no risk and perfect harmony. The physical and psycological damage rrcieved by either party in the event of an accident between a pedestrian walking and a cyclist would be minimal as opposed to on the highway meeting a ton and a half worth of car.

  27. Like any other road user safety is as much THEIR responsibility as it is ours what don't bike riders know that? Do they have something wrong that they can't comprehend that they have a responsibility to ride safely and NOT be a moving traffic hazard I say charge rego or something they might think twice and start FINING them see enough cars pulled over for the tiniest issues but even patrolling cops seem oblivious to cyclists constant rule breaking

  28. Push bike riders need to be registered and licensed not the bikes 🚲 number plate id on the back of helmets for identification, registration should also have an insurance component. User pays and you need to pay 💰

  29. Here we go again Sunrise! All you are doing is enabling drivers to behave badly towards cyclists. I hope you are prepared to take some responsibility for cyclist being injuried or killed. I'm sure you are using Cyclist to promote your sponsors/advertisers. Please stop with this irresponsible behaviour!!

  30. Bikes should ride in single file ! They should never be allowed to ride 2/3 abreast ! That's when cars get angry as they are hard to pass when doing that.

  31. No they should be on the foot path just like everyone that doesn’t have a vehicle with rego and a licence that they obtained by learning the road rules!!... it’s too dangerous on the road for kamikaze riders..😤

  32. Road rules for the cyclists is the first priority, registration with ID number plates, - and all being enforced..with fines and demerit points.

  33. Here it is plain and simple.
    They should not pay anything to use the road. That will then give them the legal right to be on the road. The road toads should be removed from the road completely.

  34. They should move or to be really annoying sit behind them with your hand on the horn until they move then to be really respectful thank them as you pass either verbally or physically.

  35. There needs to be some tougher laws for cyclists - if drivers are not seriously disadvantaged and abused by cyclists all the time everyone would get along a bit better!

  36. How about the ones that thinks they’re riding Tour de France and decides to break out from the pack, without looking over their shoulders to see if there’s any cars coming.

  37. Thanks for feeding the hatred towards legal road ussers
    Mark berrta makes alot of money for charitys riding cycle"s on tour d cure & thats one of your guys !

  38. Pack riding should be banned on single lane roads especially if there is a medium strip along the way. Reg won't stop it as they will claim more of it then!

  39. If there is a bike path they should be forced to use it if there is no bike path then they can use the road single file only. No way they will ever pay rego on a bike.

  40. We have very narrow winding roads around orange ,everyone needs to take care on our road ,most are drivers and cyclists .Cyclist with massive terrible injuries negate any and all arguments about who is right . Take care of all road users.

  41. There was over 130 Million bikes sold last year world wide Thats 3 times the amount of cars sold Cars Move over your out numbered

  42. They can use the same width of the road as my vehicle when they pay the same to use the road as I pay on my vehicle and their vehicle can go as fast as my vehicle. Otherwise,

  43. They do have a right on the road BUT they should be single not 2 or 3 or more side by side and have the same rules as us cars.

  44. Your never gona stop them from being on the road so just let them get hit by cars and trucks who cares there the ones gona die thwre got no brains

  45. Nothing more sexy than a middle aged fool in lycra with nothing left to the imagination
    I cannot unvisualise that horror
    PTSD for life

  46. Take them off the roads, they’re unregistered, I can’t drive my car unregistered so why can they, nothing but a hazard on the roads