Married At First Sight Australia

Married At First Sight Australia

The first Couple split... 😭

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  1. These ‘experts’ are useless. Surely they should have weeded him out with all the psychological tests before they matched him up, this is not fair on her and I feel sorry she was put through that.

  2. Grrr they were my fav couple & he was so sweet on the wedding day!! Wtf went wrong? Everyone has issues man, stick around & work through it don't just run. 😔

  3. Better to split now than to painfully drag it on. I thought they would go the distance, but he obviously thought she was above him, should have told her how he felt. She was very patient with him.

  4. Match her up with Ryan. He'll be single soon

  5. He has serious issues... No hope of finding someone until you sort yourself out!!!

  6. If he has issues, why even be on a show like this, how did they not see he was not in the right head space if he has issues, either that or he lied because he’s not into her....

  7. what exactly are his issues,,he didnt even bother to tell her he felt a little bit out of his league,,,she would have been fine,,,didnt get the impression she was too good for him,,,,

  8. Very sad
    He obviously has a few issues

  9. These guys have a lot of issues....

  10. A shame but I just don’t know what to say.

  11. She can do so much better.. I like mat but she deserves someone who’s not going to flake out in her the first minute of something serious.

  12. I can see both sides of this

  13. I feel so sorry for her even she has done nothing wrong So far I have realized pity !

  14. Omg drama queens no wonder you are single

  15. He has massive issues he needs to sort before he even contemplates going into a relationship

  16. I'm single I would like to get to know you