Make-Up Phone Case

Make-Up Phone Case

Make-Up Phone Case

Posted by Fortafy Feb. 8, 2018, 11 a.m.


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  1. whats next for boys... fridge with beer case

  2. Girls be like

    Finally I can have use of my 5phones

    I need Highlighter foundation blush lipstick eyeshadow and oh I need to buy another phone for my contour set

    So I can carry all my make up at once or just a buy a fucking purse

  3. yeah then te battery gets to hot and it all melts

  4. Or you can have your makeup in your bag...

  5. This is how you double that shivering sensation u have everytime u drop ur phone and flip it to see if its still alive.

  6. Oh thanks god for that!!!! How did we manage to survive all these years without a makeup phone case??? 😱🙄

  7. You wouldn't believe how many times I see women swerving all around the road trying to put on makeup while driving now we can conveniently combine that with texting oh Joy to the World. 🤣

  8. Austin Omru Bates I came up with this idea back in sophomore year cuz we had to come up with our own invention and draw it out then thought to myself how dumb it would be to have one cuz it would just melt. And now here they are making it 😂😂😂

  9. That's gonna be nasty when you're having girls night at the Mexican restaurant and your $2 margarita gets knocked over and it gets on your phone..

  10. Nok det mest åndssvage lort jeg i mit liv har set 😫😂😂😂 hvad med bare at klister tlfnen på en kuffert, så kan man da have halvdelen af tøjskabet og sminken med på samme tid 💪🏼 smaaart ikk 👌🏼😂😂😂👎🏼😌

  11. Hsu Sandy Kyaw, Stella
    အိုင္​ဖုန္​း​ေလးမို႔ ယူတို႔ကို သတိရသြားတာ... နံနံျခားက​ေကာင္​​ေတြ ဒီ​ေကာ္​မန္​႔ကို မဖတ္​တတ္​​ေလာက္​ပါဘူး​ေနာ္​ xP

  12. Ciindy Witz Ruiz si no hubiese tanto calor en campeche te regalo uno 😌 pero como vivimos en el infierno pues... el maquillaje se derretiria y quedaria seco 😂😂😂

  13. This is so useless,as a girl ure still gonna miss ure 65478 other makeup produkts so u will still be bringing ure bottomless purse

  14. Chelsea Dawson only thing that would scare me is when it gets hot. Especially since our phones already yell at us and say they're over heating in the summer 🤷🏼‍♀️

  15. I see that going horrible lol like make up just all over the inside of the thing if it breaks or when the phone over heats and melts the lip gloss .. Yeah not even gonna try that

  16. Megan Kathleen Strachan

    I feel like this would be great but also when your phone gets hot, the makeup would run all over the place unless it's like a heat proof case or w/e

  17. Cool idea... I see myself dropping my phone, and with that shitty case shattering my screen and also all of those janky powders within the case... lol pass

  18. 2018 census report for automotive accidents cause by females predicts triple number of wrecks this year. An all time high.

  19. I know you just said no impulse buying but I seriously think I need this sisteerrrrr 😍 Becca

  20. Keis when you drop your phone....and now have to wrorry about that your makeup cracked too

  21. Andy Montiel Madelyn Lugo Jennifer Pérez Moreno lo que queríamos hacer para el proyecto se acuerdan ! 😂 pero era más problema que ventaja

  22. Yeah I’d love to see the eyeshadow edition. Drop your phone once, and suddenly it looks like you partied with colorful coke.

  23. When the phone overheats, the makeup will melt....

  24. Bad idea drop the phone its will ruin ur makeup n phone

  25. Cuando ni los putos efectos las hace ver bien y tienen que recurrir de esas mamadas

  26. Wouldn't the lipgloss melt because phones over heat sometimes ?
    Grace Kurzydlo

  27. It's just gonna melt and get messy as fuxkkkkk

  28. Wow...too far
    Girls are enough busy with selfie
    Now with makeup....

  29. Raul the perfect gift haha

  30. React This Post/Comment (😂) For No Reason

  31. 思佳 Anna Khor Jyy Chyi Tan 许原 our assignment 😂😂 use this concept

  32. Paige Em Georgia this would be good for going out 😂👏

  33. Dija Afzaal Areej Minhas tum dono ki 30vein* saal gira ka taufaaa qabool kro 🌚🌚🌚

  34. Ramona Alexandra,ei vad machiaje...noi vedem firmituri de pâine,șaorma,pizza si oleacă de șuncă

  35. Mara Cnm so lange wie ich mein Handy in der Hand hab würde das alles schmelzen 😂😂

  36. Muhammad Jasim wht abt ths?? Bag me lipstck rkhni ni prygi😂😂 gift kro ye mjhyy😂😂😂

  37. Juhina bae u need this one na😝😝

  38. Alexandra mira ya solo necesitas un iphone y uno de esos case xd

  39. Alex McGillivray omg babe we were just talking about this being a great idea😍👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻

  40. ΣοφίαΚόχιλα ΣοφίαΚλειδά απο το 1 ως το 10 ποσο το θελετε;

  41. Abby this is gonna change the doing makeup in the car game to a whole new level

  42. Reynaldo😲😲😲😲😲😲lo necesitoooo para que no se me quebre xp

  43. Baby Anna Bella para d kna mahirapan baby 😁😘😍 lablab ibibili kita nyan

  44. Ah gift it to a girl she will be all yours forever

  45. Iris Gierman ok but what am I supposed to do with that weak sauce amount