Lions Have Killed And Eaten a Suspected Poacher in South Africa

Lions Have Killed And Eaten a Suspected Poacher in South Africa


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good job, good meat, yer head,


  1. They even kept his head for a trophy. Niiiiice.

  2. It’s not brutal. It’s karma. It’s poetic justice. Its self-defense. It’s pretty freakin hilarious. But it’s not brutal.

  3. He was hunting on a private game reservation aka he didn’t pay to kill the animals. I wanna read the news article where the lions eat a rich dude not just someone trying to survive..

  4. Everybody here posting about karma etc, a man DIED. You do not know his reasons to poach. He could have been poor with a family to feed. But you all just pontificate and are so smug about it. Dolts

  5. Well isn't the argument that animals should only be killed for food? Looks like they had a family to feed while the poacher was just going to kill for a trophy. Resulting in leaving the little ones without one or both parents. I like this ending best.

  6. Sweet Justice. It would be fantastic if 45's sons, in future met the same fate. Even Sweeter: 45 in a golf cart following close behind.

  7. The poachers head was found mounted in the lion's den

  8. Catch them all and feed them to the Lions.

  9. Lions gotta eat, too.
    No doubt the karma was delicious.

  10. This hunter quit while he was "a head."

  11. Most poaching that is done are starving people with families to feed. People hear poaching and instantly think illegal trophy hunting but in reality that is not the case.

  12. So debra if someone runs in your house and cuts off u or yr family members head arm leg etc "god forbid" remember he's probably just trying to feed his kids! :-) :-)

  13. Here are some facts...... According to reports, the man in question had no business hunting on the reserve, which is why authorities believe he was there for poaching - although the exact animal he was illegally hunting is still up for debate.

    Last year, in the same province, several lions were found poisoned and decapitated - most likely for use in traditional medicine. This trend and the location of the body in "lion territory" suggests the man was after lions.

    It's also possible, however, the man could have been rhino poaching, which is generally considered a more lucrative form of illegal animal slaughter.

    Historically, the region experiences higher levels of rhino poaching than lion poaching.

  14. We humans are a desease, we are a plague, we became the cancer of this planet some time ago; (whatever you like it or not)... We are at the border of self-destruction by pushing so many species to extinction.. so I'm happy when someone "like him" faced a well deserved Karma.

  15. I guarantee this guy wasn't hunting for food. He was hunting to get a trophy to sell. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to educate themselves.

  16. "The contents of the recovered wallet identified the alleged "poacher" as Donald Trumpski, Junior." Well, we shall soon see if prayer actually works.

  17. "Science As Fact is our sister site where we cover politics, debunking, fact checking, and humour. If you want more like this, head over to Science As Fact."

    Sure, I could use another comedy page to follow. 😆

  18. Killing animals for food is one thing ... if you kill animals for sport or trophies, you deserve to be eaten by lions.

    Good job, Leo!


  19. Hey Trump Jr, you really ought to be paying very close attention right about now. Get yer head on straight or there won't be any sympathy whatsoever for you, either.

  20. Survival of the fittest. I don’t recall a time in history that an animal walks into a civilian world risking his life in order to gain anything or trying to capture an experience that creates this beautiful story to share with relatives. If Mother Nature presents to me a tsunami and I walk towards it because for some reason I believe it is okay, well, if that tsunami takes my life I can’t blame Mother Nature.

  21. Oh yea, I'm losing sleep over this, no. It's kind of ironic the pride left his head, don't you think??!! Karma.....

  22. If it's okay for humans to murder and eat animals, why is it not okay for animals to do what humans do? Survival of the fittest . . . what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

  23. So a man can kill many lions with a rifle and called himself hero, while a lion which killed a man who killed their kind is labelled as brutal.

  24. It’s natures way. The poacher gladly gave his life so that the lion could eat. As long as they ate all of him. That’s what happens in nature. You either walk into a confrontation or you walk around it and avoid it. Then things like this wouldn’t happen. Good for the lion. Respect the lion.

  25. Yes if he was haunting he got what he deserved yes just like that!😘

  26. Jason, karma’s a b**ch, isn’t it?!

  27. My thoughts and prayers go out the lions..they may have indigestion!

  28. Brutal . . . but oh, so very, very appropriate. I hoped the knuckle-dragger suffered.

  29. The real shame will be if these lions now see humans as prey and attack some innocent locals

  30. Wel done for the lions! 🤗may they eat all of them

  31. The hunter is called by the eaten while the lion is called by pride.

  32. Darn. Let me shed a tear...wait for it...nope, it's not gonna happen.

  33. Hoping he was tasty and healthy enough the cats won't get sick

  34. Well if that's not karma, I don't know what is. Sad for his family though.

  35. I just love a happy ending.

  36. I can’t think of anyone on whom I’d wish this fate. Holy crap

  37. I believe the term is poetic justice

  38. Alexis savagery and poetic justice

  39. I wonder if he tasted like chicken?

  40. This is one of those "Oh, well" stories.

  41. Everyone always tells me news is so negative, then I read something like this

  42. Good. You shouldn’t let good meat go to waste. What goes around, comes around!🤗

  43. I wouldn't say brutal, I'd say just.

  44. Lion ate a POACHER! And how comes its brutal!!!?

  45. Hakuna Matata (no worries) they’ll eat more of this.

  46. And on Darwin Day! Survival of the fittest at best here!