Lady Gaga cancels world tour due to 'severe pain'

Lady Gaga cancels world tour due to 'severe pain'

"I'm so devastated I don't know how to describe it," she said in a statement.

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  1. As a fibro sufferer for 20 years I can sympathise with Lady Ga Ga. There is little treatment and no cure. You look perfectly normal whilst your body is screaming with pain. Chronic fatigue comes with it as a bonus so you have to stay in bed.

  2. as someone who has fibro, i sympathise with her. there is no way anyone could tour when symptoms take a hold of your body. she would just end up in hospital. it is a relentlessly painful disease.

  3. In years to come with more scientific evidence and explanation, nay sayers of this debilitating disease will hopefully have some empathy for those suffering it. Best of luck to Lady G.

  4. And here comes the numpties with no understand of fibromyalgia straight away waffling on about Trump.

    Tiny people. Get better soon.

  5. I’m shocked at the lack of empathy. An artist that is so passionate about her music does not cancel concerts unless there is no other option.

  6. I to have fibro and i can understand why she has cancelled her concerts it can be so dibliatating that you do need to rest.

  7. Get well Lady Gaga!!!! Thanks for taking a stand for your health!!! Your real fans will understand!!! You're setting a good example to other high functioning people!!! Too many casualties of medicinal "pain relief" in recent times!!! 🀘😘🀘

  8. The last 19 years of my life have been ruled by this excruciating disorder. It changes absolutely everything in your life. Some of the ignorant comments here are sickening. I hope you never have your life changed irrevocably by unrelenting pain that has no cure.

  9. This sucks big time for her, and her fans. Fibromyalgia pain is nasty and aggressive. Rest is not a luxury, it is necessary to just survive it. Hugs for her x

  10. Fibro is awful, that she has achieved so much despite having it is a testament to her drive and endurance. Hope she gets well enough, or works out a suitable management plan that will still enable to her to tour eventually.

  11. She ain't the only one with an autoimmune disorder. But yeah, it's surreal and can destroy your will....only if you let it.

    You wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy, cos the pain is off the scale & debilitating.

  12. For her sake I hope she recovers.
    The whole world just dodged a bullet though, please may she never tour again πŸ˜‚

  13. Yes fibromyalgia exists and it can have not so bad days and really bad days. Not funny very painful and debilitating. It's an immune system problem can't be fixed only managed and even that doesn't work. I have first hand experience with it and my mother had polymyalgia. She would be in agony some days. 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  14. Having watched her docco - "Five Foot Two" - I am not surprised. The pain she endures daily is terrible. :-(

  15. Its now classed as a life long nurological disorder by the world health .I wish it didnt exist,it steals youre life.We dont look ill but we are,a bit like stupid.

  16. So much lack of understanding regarding fibromyalgia. I have had it since I was a teen, I am now 52. It affects everything you do.

  17. As someone who now lives with FM, I am hoping she is able to find a management plan that allows her a semblance of a life.

  18. As a nurse I’ve seen patients with this and it’s quite debilitating hope she gets better soon

  19. I was shocked when I saw how much she was pushing herself in the documentary. Having had fibro for 6 years its a horrible, debilitating condition. It should be recognized for disability support pension, total and permanent disability for super etc. Its a life altering condition. I used to go to the gym, dance, rock climb, I used to run and weight train. I'm in too much pain now to do those things. I struggle to walk far or go up and down stairs. Working is impossible because the pain stops you from functioning and concentrating. Pain meds should be available for people with fibro without criticism. Or at least medicinal cannabis and it needs to be affordable. You literally can't finish a thought before your whole body drowns in pain again. Its not just the nerves but muscles freeze up your calves making walking hurt. Your arms and legs ache with each step. Your fingers, toes and limbs feel like they are receiving electric shocks. After 5 minutes of standing or sitting my whole foot or leg goes numb and I can fall to the floor. Don't make fun of disabilities.

  20. Maybe a positive can come from this in the form of more awareness of FIBROMYALGIA for all the sufferers out there.

  21. Is there any evidence fibromyalgia actually exists?

  22. I too am a FM sufferer. Hope she gets well soon xo

  23. I knew making codeine prescription only would have ramifications..

  24. Why are the words "severe pain" in inverted commas??

  25. Shes been diagnosed with trump derrangement syndrome...

  26. I hate to be a stickler for grammar here but using single quotation marks in the title makes it sound passive aggressive. Like saying: - Lady Gaga says she's in 'pain'.
    - Lady Gaga says she's in "pain".

  27. I think she's experiencing her own music.

  28. This Chick will never get over herself!

  29. I love lady Gaga was waiting for her tour πŸ˜”

  30. May her pain last as long as the white Artic fox coat she wears on her repulsive and cold soul .

  31. I also suffer from fibromyalgia. You never get better

  32. Poor baby. I hope she gets under control soon. Sending her love and health

  33. Karma for wearing real fur.

  34. Yes the pain of Trump winning a year ago is too much for her

  35. Look after yourself. You are always nunnery one to yourself. Get well soon.

  36. Trump curse strikes again!

  37. her severe pain or the worlds?