JT Tickets

JT Tickets

JT Tickets

Posted by NRL - National Rugby League Feb. 13, 2018, 2 a.m.

The moment you remember that tickets are on sale for the #NRL Telstra Premiership 👏

Make sure you get yours here - http://bit.ly/NRLTicketsOnSale

P.S. 23 days to go 😃

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  1. Yay people are so excited to go watch 90% of season games in half empty stadiums

    Rugby League is the best sport but the NRL have no idea and never have.

  2. Look at the NRL trying to keep thurston relative, time to go you've had your day!

  3. Still not working for me tried to purchase cowboys sharks tickets

  4. They aren’t on sale the link only lets you look at prices

  5. Kelsey Mathison they stole my meme idea!!!!

  6. Sean Callaghan tickets on sale lad go go go

  7. Mark Gerloff Cain Nightingale Mitchell Bono Bonham Jamie Crook Christopher Cono Connellan Michael Chandler Jamie Allan Attard Adam Kelly we need to get to a few games this year!

  8. how many sold for double header in perth

  9. Troy Lopez let’s get tickets

  10. Jason Caires you get yours yet? lol

  11. Chris Keeley Jack yiew keen as

  12. Terrence Curwen-King Harrison Pascoe let’s lock in Anzac day

  13. Gregory Russell 23 days to go!!! 😃

  14. Hayden Beardsmore already got ours 😝

  15. Dylan Coombs 3 weeks moit

  16. Mark Coombs Brad Watt Tyler Mcmahon

  17. Kevin Westrup Tom Harris Ricky Merrill James Norton