Internal figures reveal hundreds of greyhounds killed in NSW

Internal figures reveal hundreds of greyhounds killed in NSW

Internal figures reveal hundreds of greyhounds killed in NSW

Posted by Animals Australia Feb. 13, 2018, 12:15 a.m.

Within months of NSW's greyhound racing industry promising that "no greyhound will be unnecessarily euthanised" ...

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  1. Read the full article here:

  2. The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has recently become the first state or territory to ban greyhound racing, after the continued revelations of animal cruelty and killing of dogs and puppies in New South Wales. It's a start -- but while this industry is allowed to exist in other parts of Australia, animals will continue to die for the sake of gambling money. Join the calls to END GREYHOUND RACING AUSTRALIA-WIDE:

  3. We made our views on Greyhound racing clear at Lismore City Council meeting!

  4. Why doesn't Animals Australia make greyhound racing one of their fully fledged campaigns?
    You pick it up, then drop it again for a year or two. It has been one of the most successful animal welfare exposures in Australia and yet you put it in the corner and let the grass roots groups do most of the work. You hardly did anything during the whole ban issue in NSW. Please don't give me the 'you exposed the live baiting issue', because we both know the truth about that. It would be nice if AA could have this as one of their campaigns instead of a side issue.

  5. Shocking. This is not a sport. Just outright animal cruelty.

  6. Stop greyhound racing it's cruel.

  7. Before those tools start claiming they love their dogs, let me get ahead of 'em and point out they love their dogs when they make them money. Loving the benefits someone gets you is not the same as loving the someone.

  8. And this industry shipped dogs to hell in China - bet their kids would weep if they saw what daddy and mummy do to greyhounds.

  9. you can't change the most of the greyhound industry ,it s all about money and not about the animals welfare . Thank you for continuing to pursue this matter, peserverance is the key.

  10. Educate the public that “ going to the dogs” is not a night out it is condoning and encouraging animal cruelty. Its down to supply and demand. People really need to lift their game 😟

  11. Imagine what we could achieve if we all worked together. (I.e.
    If all foundations, Rescue Organizations, or cause with common goals were to merge, how much faster could we get to the finish line. We would have much power to demand change! It's time to start a global movement now in 2018.

  12. Sadly we ordinary people don't believe anything that the Greyhound Industry tells us. They are proved wrong so often. Their treatment of their dogs is deplorable. Gentle quiet dogs are victims of greedy people. Sad.

  13. Ich mag weder Hunde noch Pferderennen 🏇. Wenn sie nicht mehr gebraucht werden, dann werden sie entsorgt. Das alles nur wegen Geld. Mal ausreiten und Spaß haben ok. Wenn man Tiere nur ausnutzt und auch nicht artgerecht hält wird es mir nicht nur schlecht sondern könnte ungemütlich werden.

  14. I feel so sad greyhounds make great pets there laws should be change for all animals the cruelty they are subject too is sick these people should be jailed for all they do to all animals 😪😥

  15. Definitely not OK. Education and conversation is helping. so many people say they love animals but still bet money on animals racing.

  16. You buy or breed an animal you have it for the length of its natural life. If it doesn’t preform or you can’t keep it then you find a NEW LOVING SUITABLE HOME for it. If you can’t be responsible for an animals complete life then you shouldn’t have animals. There are so many rescue and re-homing groups for animals in this country. Find a way to make it work or stay away from animals.

  17. It's so sad greyhounds make beautiful pets the cruelty should stop with all animals there are some humans need jailing 😪😥

  18. It should be banned it’s barbaric. Thank you Animals Australia for all you do to help Stop the suffering of all animals.

  19. This “sport” is for the unevolved and only cowards take part in it. This needs to be illegal, it’s cruel and inhumane...

  20. Worked in that industry most deaths are not recorded they still come up with active, thank god im out of it now

  21. fully supported by the National Party and the brilliant man Barnaby Joyce...great moral compass this party...

  22. ......but they love their dogs!

  23. If this is true nothing has changed, bring back the ban!

  24. Words have and will always be cheap. Only actions will tell the real story.

  25. Disgusting but this is what happens when humans are using animals for profit.

  26. Sickening and these governments do nothing.

  27. Please stop animals cruelty!!!!!

  28. On devrait traiter ces humains comme ils traitent leur chien 🐶 comme des esclaves donc de la M à pompée de l'argent et des que ces humains ne sont plus bon à rien les abattre comme leur monstruosité vue en plus qu'ils n'ont pas de cœur ❤️ juste une liasse de billets à la place et un cerveau troué sans conscience 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 abrutit

  29. What does unnecessarily mean?

  30. Nothing changes . Same old same old. Ban greyhound racing altogether.

  31. What kind of people watch this kind entertainment?

  32. Can't spell LIE-brail without Lie...

  33. How terribly sad. Don’t these people have any feelings .

  34. One day animal slavery will end

  35. Mike Baird and his legacy