How free is the Pacific? See which two countries fall short of 'free'

How free is the Pacific? See which two countries fall short of 'free'

Almost all countries in the Pacific are basically free, with only two exceptions, according to the latest Global Freedom rankings.

Intero Articolo: ABC News


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  1. Australia isn't really a free country in every respect. In fact it's quite authoritarian. And it's becoming more so by the day. The fact is got a score of 98 out of 100 simply discredits the report in my opinion. Utter nonsense with all the totalitarian laws that have been passed lately due to terrorism or immigration concerns. Or the fact that the government wants to control nearly every aspect of our personal lives. The fact the police can arrest and detain indigenous Australians without charge in NT or mandatory sentencing laws. Or the intervention laws which are basically legal apartheid. The fact that protective custody strip indigenous Australians of basic rights and the ever decreasing transparency of government. I could on and on. So 98 out of 100!? BS. I don't think so

  2. I am left wing but this stinks of bipartisanship. Fiji is a free country! ( with unique problems) just not by our standards and Papua New Guinea has unique problems too (the New Guinea Island could have been one of the most sophisticated societies in the world!, if it wasn't for their poor food production abilities due to geography.)

  3. The three highest scoring countries just happen to vote with the US on every issue in the UN just a coincidence , Freedom House not quite independent US NGO.

  4. I wouldn’t call Pacific Islands free anymore. Seeing. Slowly one by one. They’re being inundated by the sea.
    Slightly indirect. But when your land is totally devastated by salt water, because for the actions, of energy hungry people everywhere else. Think it’s a fair call.

  5. Forgot west papua they scored a 0

  6. Fiji and Papua New Guinea #endclickbait

  7. Are Indonesian, Malaysian, Asian... countries are so repressive they're not even considered? or should it have been labeled Oceania. Is West Papua left off because it doesn't even have a whiff of freedom? :(

  8. Fake news story - from a conservative propaganda outfit. Are French and US colonies in the Pacific 'free' (whatever this much abused word really means these days)?

  9. Dunno about 'Free' but currently Stan Grants noo show is the best thing on Telly...xcept for Vikings of course [RJW]

  10. Not a bad regional record overall and the two bad eggs left the nest a bit prematurely to be fair. Thanks British Colonial system 👍

  11. No FREE COUNTRY around. Australia is not free from American hegemony.

  12. Where does Nauru stand in this Freedom list?

  13. “Free” is not the term I would use.

  14. PNG is full of bush kanakas

  15. Rebecca Woodlock Kiribati ✅

  16. Andy GillilandShanna Kilfoy