Hawaii man says he's devastated about sending false missile alert

Hawaii man says he's devastated about sending false missile alert

The man, in his 50s, said he did not know the "missile attack" was part of a drill.

Intero Articolo: ABC News


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  1. Why state that the man was in his 50s? Totally irrelevant.

  2. Hawaii is run by regressives so no great surprise this happened

  3. Yeah, nah still not buying it.

  4. They had to find someone to blame. Poor guy. Obviously more wrong with systems than what they care to admit to.

  5. The PR around this is obvious. We knew early on that "This is not a drill" was part of the instructions he received, so it was the right course of action.

    Of course now there are all sorts of issues and failings with this employee going back years. Then why was he given an important task?

    Whether or not the employee was actually compent it's clear the management weren't at all.

  6. So the guy's bosses basically say they knew for years that he was not up to the job, and yet they did nothing about it? Seems they are also not up to their jobs then, clearly they have no idea how dangerous this sort of misunderstanding could quite conceivably be. 🙄

  7. At least it was this rando with a text alert and not Michael Madsen in War Games.

  8. Um,dya think 'Devastated' is a poor word choice praps:Ha

  9. Sorry, but what on earth does his age have to do with it? Do better ABC. #ageist

  10. Really? https://edition.cnn.com/2018/01/16/asia/japan-false-missile-alarm-intl/index.html

  11. Poor guy - thrown under the bus.

  12. The US government attacks other nations.

  13. Systems in theory. Systems in practice. In theory they should be exactly the same, in reality they seldom are.😎

  14. The man responsible?


  15. Trump knew it was a drill 3 mins after it happened, probably before it happened really! https://edition.cnn.com/2018/01/15/politics/trump-hawaii-missile-alarm-timeline/index.html

  16. Didn’t they also have their “secure” password written on a post it note stuck to the screen of the relevant computer?

  17. The US really needs to restore faith in their public emergency broadcast system by nuking themselves to retroactively make the warning accurate.

  18. Hope the nuclear weapons launch command is safer

  19. lol at someone so clueless yet can make such decisions

  20. Sunny this was that thing was it not

  21. Annie Irving hope you guys are ok!!!!