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Posted by Showpo Feb. 11, 2018, 8:06 a.m.

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todd miller, todd jordan haevecker, wont cuddle, decent cuddle, tru cos, dean cesarone ash smith, actual face, bahahahaha natasha dylko, back rub, sleep aye,


  1. Tre oh you’re guilty of this one 😭

  2. Kai I almost wish this was you.. you’re a dead weight

  3. Josh when you don’t cuddle at all and I’m freezing to death while you overheat 😅

  4. The look I give you at 2am when you’re snoring in my face Aaron Hutchins

  5. Kastro me to u cos u was too busy having a laugh to yourself 🙄😒😒😂

  6. Davy Lu when u stop cuddling me and go on ur phone BAHAHAHAHA

  7. Natasha Dylko when he rolls over and moves my hair and starts cuddling me!!

  8. More like this is what you do when I turn my back to go to sleep 😂 David

  9. Ezra Sam i will tag you in this every time it comes up

  10. Jordan just because you can't sleep and cuddle doesn't mean you have to stop 🤗

  11. Nath Sturges when you stop giving me tickles 😂

  12. When you stop tickling my bloody back Mark

  13. Dan Cowles this isn’t allowed anymore

  14. Matthew Olsson your NT aloud to do this once over the weekend!

  15. Teague Baker you will get this look boy 😂

  16. Haha feel like it’s the other way round 😂 🤭 Dean Cesarone

  17. Ash Smith also when you stop stroking ny back

  18. Absolutely Les 😂😂😂 gotta love a decent cuddle 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Jake Stacey your actual face when I turn around

  20. Mate!! If you ever do that :P Sami Azar

  21. Ash Rhodes when you wont cuddle after i have a bad dream!! 😒

  22. Yep this is me hahahahahahahahahahaha..... Dwight Gladman

  23. This should be replaced with "she" 😂😂😂 Allan Robles

  24. Chad Healey how I wake up and your on the opposite side of the bed 😂

  25. Ben not tru cos personal bubble invaded/10 😂

  26. This is you when I turn over and go to sleep aye Dwayne

  27. Ben Rogers when I actually want cuddles and you stop.

  28. Indy Rose * Goes to have a drink with friends*

  29. Ahhaaha more like *when she stops cuddling you -- Todd

  30. Jordan Haevecker how dare you be comfy and try to sleep

  31. James Hanson my hear breaks a little everytime 😂

  32. Todd Miller this is the look when you don’t even cuddle me

  33. Zac Tucker haha I actually did that but you didn’t notice 😂

  34. Hayden Harding legit my face when u do 😜

  35. Chris May with the back rub 😂

  36. Ray Gooch Chatfield haha just shut up and snuggle me!

  37. Darryl McCaultu you do this to me all the time

  38. You with your damn shoulder Dwayne Radcliffe 😂

  39. Andy Saunders this is me to you 😡

  40. Daniel Meniconi don’t care that it’s 35 Degrees.

  41. Liam Morrison when he cuddles me*

  42. Taane Hill not even sleeping with me, even worse

  43. Peter Flynn usually the other way around though 😂

  44. Georgia Blake I had 6 weeks of this... now nothing lol

  45. Shann Guttormsen this is me when u goto sleep before me and I’m lonely

  46. Eddie Korent The amount of times you've gotten this look