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Shopping for groceries, let alone making a meal from scratch is often the last thing we feel like doing at the end of a long day. But time-poor families are turning to home-delivered meal kits. How good are they?


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  1. I get hello fresh as I wk full-time n i LOVE it the last thing I want think about is what to cook its teaching me a new way of cooking and seriously saving me $$ I use to spend $100 a week at the butcher's so we feed 4 of us and no its not lazy its alot different life style now we have homework soccer training and most nights my husband works back late...
    I highly recommend hello fresh

  2. 35 dollars per meal for 4. ARE YOU INSANE OR JUST HAVE TO MUCH MONEY?

  3. Still have to prepare and cook it I would expect it to already be pre cooked so it's just a matter of heating it up otherwise what is the point! Should just order Coles or woolworths home delivery and then you can have more of a choice of meals and it's cheaper!

  4. We use it 3 nights a week only so we get 3 awesome meals. We know what we are having and I cook the other nights and have take out once a week. It is just a quick convenient idea and is ideal for my teen to prep and cook. Are we lazy ? Call it whatever you want... I won't lose a wink of sleep at night worrying over what others think. We enjoy our shopping and cooking on other nights and enjoy the no fuss no leftovers simple meal plans on others. I've only had a few issues with Hello Fresh and might check out others....

  5. It seems a big waste of money.

  6. It's cheaper do it on your own, you need a second mortgage to buy from them lol

  7. I don't cook on work nights I pre prepare and generally only heat and serve, not hard to do and much cheaper.

  8. Can’t believe people need these services! It’s not that hard to prepare a meal, use up what’s in the fridge etc ! All you need is a bit of imagination,

  9. $140 for four dinners,my son could eat the lot in a day

  10. Time poor bunk. Time management is the issue and apparently plenty of money to spend

  11. It's good but the only thing I found wrong was the meals are small. I have growing boys and they still hungry after a meal lol

  12. Making meals from scratch is a daily occurrence in my house, after a busy day at work.
    However we all have different lifestyle choices 😄😄

  13. Don't forget Aussie Farmers Direct. We have been buying from them for two years and are very happy with their meal boxes.

  14. For the poor? The poor would make it themselves.. rip off

  15. Joanne Johnson it’s hello fresh ahahhaha

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