Everybody's talking about innovation but young scientists are leaving Australia

Everybody's talking about innovation but young scientists are leaving Australia

Australia's scientific talent pool is shrinking — and young post-docs have noticed, writes Leigh Dayton.

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  1. what do you expect when the libs removed most of the funding from csiro and all related science programs.we are basicly saying to other countries "here take our brightest scientists we dont need them!"

  2. There are so few jobs in Australia for scientists these days compared to even a decade ago. A PhD can make it even harder to get a job, with many employers considering people with a PhD over-qualified. The government talks a lot about STEM but are yet to do much to improve employment prospects, which is tragic because there are some brilliant minds in this country with a lot of potential.

  3. And no one could blame them considering how our government treats them. Why would they stay when they get paid better and get more respect overseas. You'd be a mug not too go.

  4. Our emigration is at an historical high with the largest group being 25 to 35 year old professionals who can not afford to live in Oz. I blame stupid high house prices.
    I have talked with a group of medical professionals who left Sydney for Houston, Texas. Leaving behind a high HECS debt was also a motivation for them leaving permanently. Two bought houses there for $125k. They intend to stay in the USA who are more than happy to give residency to our medical people.

  5. Leaving, because the government is using the money to help foreign interests and
    Leaving due to survive with underpaid jobs overseas. Talent wasted, we produce the best professionals but the government prefers to support foreign businesses and pariahs.

  6. We need our people to be educated but our whole system seems to follow the wealthy and everything else is left to rot very foolish

  7. It would be OK if they went overseas, got experience and came back. Unfortunately, there is nothing to come back to - unless they want to help dig up more dirt or become a travel agent. Australia's problem is that successful entrepreneurs cut and run once they have made their millions - selling off what they have created to overseas companies. They may do this because of greed, lack of Nationalism, lack of Government support for local industry or because their kids have no interest in the family business. Either way, we would be f#@%ed if it wasn't for the dirt and the tourists.

  8. But, but, but ... according to *Mal the Magnificent* we're the Best and the Brightest, why on earth would they want to leave?? Oh yeah, you don't need too many scientists to dig coal out of the ground. 😡

  9. I’m not a huge fan of the LNP but it was actually KRudd who doubled the number of PhD scholarship and thus stuffed the research labour market to perpetual apprenticeships

  10. "The result: early and mid-career (EMC) scientists are taking their publicly-funded PhDs and moving overseas." Yes so true. My daughter had to go to the USA and work for the USDA on a post doc all because she couldn't get a job here is Australia. The USDA were very happy to have her. This is really sad and a very poor state of affairs caused by government cuts I believe.

  11. And how many cuts have the government made to CSIRO etc???? Not really committed to the program methinks...

  12. Treat them better! Plenty of talented and motivated people have been burnt by the current nepotistic system

  13. Why would any post-doctoral, or any other qualified professional stay in a stagnant country with no innovation agenda?

  14. If you do a science degree you are unemployed or working as as labourer. There is nothing innovate about Australia at the moment.

  15. We have talent we're not using it... I cant get funding without an organisation and cant be employed without funding.. it's ridiculous!

  16. All those cuts to the CSIRO, pretty easy to see why. Thanks coalition!

  17. Nothing new. You have to be exceptionally talented and driven to have a long term job and career in research here.

  18. Why bother. It's more profitable to dig up dirt and sell it. Plus it doesn't require intelligence.

  19. Australia's general public intelligence is shrinking, no surprises really, we cut funding to research and development, our smart people move overseas while Libs mass import under-educated slave labour from third world countries....

  20. Thats because Australia is a laughing stock.

  21. Thank you Malcolm Turnbull, you innovator you.

  22. The government is too busy spending money on arms

  23. If the postdocalypse continues, expect a deleterious effect on the Australian economy.

  24. When manual labour work out pays academic work then the country has problems.

  25. Jamie Howell Pretty topical after our catch up!

  26. Scientists are not needed here, all they do is expose the Coalition's backward policies.

  27. Give jobs treat and pay well

  28. They are indeed leaving Australia, or research for other better paid jobs in Australia. Sad.

  29. Hmmm, it's almost as if it were easier to talk about a idea than actually take any action at all to realise it? 🤔🤔🤔

  30. I went into an unrelated field so I can stay in Australia

  31. Talk is cheap these kids have read the writing on the wall

  32. What’s the point of staying? We don’t even have a science ministry.

  33. The problem lies with the shrinking industrial base. If you are not making things there is nothing going on that would spark the innovative ideas. However Australia has an innovative agricultural and mining sector where the action is far from the city centric population.

  34. It turns out talking about things isn't doing them... Who knew?

  35. Everyone too racist and won’t support talent

  36. Or not even going into a science career because its too risky

  37. cos our government believes in sky fairies and abolishing science

  38. If you don't pay enough and keep hiring from overseas well that's what happens.

  39. This is a terrible indictment of the LNP government.

  40. It has been happening for at least 40 years.