Derrick Rose Has Not Received Any Offers Just Yet

Derrick Rose Has Not Received Any Offers Just Yet

The offers haven't exactly been flowing for Derrick Rose.

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  1. Youngest MVP to this. Fan of Rose or not you gotta feel for the guy 👌🏼

  2. When he gets one it'll probably make his phone vibrate and break his hip.

  3. Added him on my superteam (the bulls) on 2K filled with created super players. We won a ring. I cried a bit. This man deserves much more than this.

  4. Lebron is taking a bench role with either the Rockets or Warriors next season!

    After he comes up short from making the finals saved you a click!

  5. Needs to re-invent himself. Be a role player, be excellent at something specific like catch and shoot like Ray Allen... or 3 point specialist like VC, or dish out dimes all day. Anything! He cant be the DRose that he wants to be anymore, his body cant take any more punishment, he just needs to think about longevity now and making some money unless he decides to just retire 😕

  6. That’s the problem if you are just pure athletic. When your body slowly breaks down, you got no other choice but to go down. Other players adjust and divert into shooting or use their basketball IQ to sustain a longer career. D-Rose and Steve Francis got the same fate.

  7. I feel like he'd still get offers considering how consistent he's been but the fact that he slips away (as he did in New York and Cleveland) with no regard for the franchise is really the bigger issue. At the end of the day it's an investment - AI slipped away a lot and look what happened

  8. Cavs should've just kept him..maybe he is not that strong just like before but they can just maintain the brotherhood ..#mvpnotforgotten

  9. Dan Huet Murphy dude averaged 18,4,4 last season with the knicks and no one wants him. He was never going to work our in Cleveland

  10. This is probably the first player in the history of basketball, that has got worse since leaving the knicks, instead of getting better.

  11. One of my all time favourite players. Hopefully he can land on a contender and play some meaningful minutes.

  12. Matt Cooper As if theres not a max contract out there for an injury prone guard with no vision or athleticism left and who is lockerroom cancer??

  13. As a bulls supporter I remember when he had just come back, “I can’t wait for free agency to test the water”.
    Karma bites some people in the arse..

  14. Too much talent for his body

  15. feel sad for this guy..still remember those days when you see a kid wearing his shoes..damn..his one amazing point guard back then..

  16. That’s because playing ball isn’t his priority anymore. He’s just playing so he can cash in his adidas shoes deal money.

  17. Miguel Francis Eric Muller Kerri QuayShan Lewis All jokes aside this is sad. We talking about the 2011 league MVP and in 2018 he can't find work.

  18. Harry Sakr Matt Murphy Dylan Noronha Blake Barillaro surely we can bring him in for our Monday comp.. he can tackle a few briefs while he's here too

  19. What happened to the Timberwolves being front runners lol

  20. Just retire no team wants a player who isnt fit, not fit to work

  21. Derrick Rose say he will be back to Chicago Bulls after retirement injuries.

  22. Chicago should resign him for the minimum

  23. Dale Majid we’ll take him for tally casual retards with no athletic ability league

  24. Makes me sad, such a talented guy. I hope he gets on a good roster with a smart coach.

  25. Nobody wants him because he doesn’t seem like he even wants to play anymore.

  26. Rose was only 8,000 more claps away from being #1, I thought he would do it this year, doesn't look like it now

  27. Should come back to Chicago we’d take him kindly !! 😊😊

  28. join greg oden at Big3 league and form a ankle breakers team

  29. Is he still injured or just traded out?

  30. Hey I’ll take him at the pistons any day!

  31. Hughes Harvey Yagaya naa nay bag ong import ang pba hahaha

  32. Yo i truly forgot he was still in the NBA

  33. His basketball career went downhill.

  34. I can’t believe, his medical team still want him to play.

  35. Well do just vanished one day after practice with the knicks than the next year he fakes contemplates retirement to get married

  36. Same shit is going to happen to him as what happened to mat Barnes. No one is going to want him and end up retiring. Feel for him 😞

  37. I hope GSW gets him. At least D.Rose will not end like TMac Penny Hill or Roy.

  38. Why the Bulls didn't get him!!!!

  39. Never got a chance to make Chicago Bulls in the finals

  40. It's Time To Take Your Talents To Golf Big Fella.

  41. Come on!give this man a chance.He deserve it

  42. Of course they haven’t he’s no good anymore who’d want to waste money on him?

  43. NBL Brisbane bullets ?? Offer him a mill a season

  44. Kkunin nlng import yan s ibang nation.bka mas mlaki offer dun kesa nba

  45. Ofcourse! Who wants an injured piece of sh*t