'Dad said to turn the other cheek'

'Dad said to turn the other cheek'

Award winner George Bailey was at his comedic best last night with this hilarious speech!

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  1. Should've been included in the last Ashes so he could sing "ooooh Jimmy Jimmy....." at short leg again while Anderson is batting!

  2. Most underrated cricketer in the world at the moment. Would like to see him playing more at international level

  3. Hamish Mellow wouldn’t expect this from a HH player

  4. I rate Bailey..... Good to have blokes like this around teams

  5. Smiley George. Always a favourite of mine.

  6. Joseph Jack How good is George πŸ˜‚

  7. Great bloke, many like him needed.

  8. Josh Scoble - the reverse duck

  9. Brendan Maher always the joker!

  10. Pat Randell Simeon Michelmore how good is this bloke!!

  11. Jesse William James Archer Matthew Lister just the man

  12. Kelland Paul Gilbert Nick

  13. Sharad Bhat Tegan Morey πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

  14. Peter Grayson Mark Grayson Ryan Mackinder

  15. Corey Taylor
    Mark Thomson

  16. Dwayne Barry Cameron Barry