Child fighting for life after falling from third-storey unit window

Child fighting for life after falling from third-storey unit window

A seven-year-old boy is fighting for life after falling from a third-floor window at a unit block in Sydney's west.

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  1. Why don't those windows have security screens? Screens should be compulsory in anything higher then 1 story high.

  2. This is why any house needs security screens back when i was little our unit high up didnt have them either youd think higher housing it would be mandatory to have them hope the poor boy recovers ☹

  3. My ex tried to push me out of a 3rd storey unit block window years ago, lucky he didnt succeed but I still remember how easily the screen fell off..Since that Ive always said there needs to be compulsary metal security screens..I hope this little boy recovers quickly.

  4. Body corporate should have already installed window locks as per the law. Why ??? This is what it’s meant to prevent. Unless removable locks were used. Very sad for this family

  5. People always like the blame others for their shortcomings. Whats the bet the mother was busy tap tapping away on her phone when the child was busy at the window.

  6. Ya need a fence for pools but these high rises have only screens...

  7. Who was watching him? He was playing... on the window sill??
    Carers need to care not just be there.

  8. Thinking of the little boy and hoping he pulls through.

  9. Hope his ok this is sad dont windows only open a tiny bit from units ???

  10. blame the architects they design the buildings child safe windows on these dwellings are needed

  11. Prayers for the child. Can happen so easily.

  12. What happened to compulsory child safety window locks.

  13. What u expect from 3rd floor don’t have a security window screens. Just hope the boy is ok

  14. Bars on two sotries or more should be a compulsory sucurity measure

  15. Sending lots of get well wishes and good luck to him xoxo

  16. Jamila Masri Leanne Masri poor boy 😟 hope he makes a full recovery

  17. Window locks they work well

  18. No locks on windows? Thought it was law now.

  19. Oh i thought this problem has been rectified

  20. They never seem to think about about that when they build high rise building 🤨

  21. Rochelle Palmer I want a single story house

  22. That is soo sad. Poor little fella.

  23. Haroula Giameos-Pylarinos