Boston Dynamics' new video shows humans can't hide in a robot apocalypse

Boston Dynamics' new video shows humans can't hide in a robot apocalypse

"This is one of the most terrifying things I’ve seen in all my life."

Intero Articolo: ABC News


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  1. They look like the things from that black mirror episode!!!

  2. Like a lot of news relating to robots and artificial intelligence, I am simultaneously amazed and terrified.

  3. We could defeat this particular robot with a lock and key

  4. They are not autonomous though are they? Still controlled by a human! Struggle to adapt to real extenuating circumstances! I don't know, but I am interested in opinions of people who do! Cheers in advance 😁 PEACE

  5. We've seen Terminator. I think it is already well established. Looking forward to our Skynet overlords.

  6. I love the sensationalism of #OurABC, and other outlets when it comes especially to any form of robotics. Why can’t we simply celebrate the brilliant human ingenuity, and effort, that has gone into this technology, and all the good applications that can come from it? For instance, our EMTs can use these to go assess damage/check for victims where it is just too unsafe for humans to go. Plus, if you’re worried about technology ensuring you can’t hide, consider how much you tell technology to start with about yourself, and how much it literally learns about you (hint: consider the platform we are having this conversation on right this very moment)

  7. Luke 'Droopz' Drennan ... whatever ancient terrors might have existed, these are what are going to stalk and kill us in the dark. How many times do I have to keep warning people?

  8. It’s not robots you’ll need to worry about, just the AI that we create once it surpasses human level.

  9. Damn, doors and stairs had kept us safe from daleks until now.

  10. When a species creates technology that can destroy it, it’s time to start questioning how smart they actually are.

  11. #BREAKING machine does what a 2 year old can do

  12. In a world of robots wouldn’t they install automatic doors? 😂😂

  13. These look just like the robot dogs in Black Mirror

  14. Matt look at how nice it is! Helping out a friend in need

  15. This is one of the most non-threatening things I've seen my whole life....

  16. It still operates, off Binary code. This is only piece of apparartus. It cannot think.

  17. It's all happened before and it will all happen again.

  18. Kurt Richardson watch the video imagine these things coming for you 😂

  19. What if the door is locked?

  20. Topped with small weapons ?

  21. My God, this reminds me of a Black Mirror episode

  22. We could always just lock the door behind us 🤔

  23. Rachael Dawson Check out the videos in this article, it’s crazy what these robots can do! 😮

  24. Tom Griffin exactly what we were talking about the other day.

  25. Lol Esther Love the tech you mention is here!

  26. Reece Winchester omg it's the dog from black mirror 😱

  27. You know whats unnerving? Look at the stuff in the back of the room they enter.

  28. Why is everyone having a cow over this?

  29. Jade Hawley it looks like the robot from black mirror!!!!

  30. I for one welcome our new door opening machine overlords.

  31. Reminds me of two clever, mischievous dogs working together. This is very high end.

  32. When it opened the door anyone else notice the army green coloured battle tank looking robot 😳

  33. Brad Harrison I for one welcome our new robot overlords

  34. Jenna Sparkes is this not a black mirror ep?!

  35. Robocop will be a thing!!!!

  36. Clickbait scare mongering. Let's see it do a locked door

  37. but they need to be charged and the charge only lasts 1 to 2 hours, human last all day without a charge, !

  38. Siobhan Usher remind you of something?

  39. When will it learn to play catch and to fetch?

  40. At least they aren't the watchers from horizon zero dawn :3

  41. Boston Dynamics does great work, always outdoing themselves

  42. Suse Ifould black mirror Show this to dad