Africans are afraid to go out in Melbourne for fear of being abused

Africans are afraid to go out in Melbourne for fear of being abused

Now many Sudanese refugees are afraid to eat out in Melbourne.

Intero Articolo: Daily Mail Australia


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  1. Don't play victim after years of Sudanese youths having absolutely no respect for our country or laws.

  2. Different when the shoe is on the other foot hey? Now you know how it feels 👍 don’t expect any sympathy here 😂even better,just go back home,problem solved!!

  3. But hold up, that’s more important than fearing being home because of the possibility of being home invaded... or even work to earn a living to support you family. GTFOH P.O.Ss

  4. I can’t imagine most people would want to start shit with them. Most people are happy to mind their own. I doubt this is a problem. I’d say it’s bullshit.

  5. I actually met lots of thug looking blacks on the weekend while i was in Melbourne. Thought a few times i was going to get robbed but they all ended up being friendly not aggressive. Maybe the news exaggerates abit about them.

  6. Not as afraid as the rest of Melbourne. Stereotypes and racial profiling STARTS FOR A REASON. Want someone to blame look in the mirror.

  7. And what about all the Australians that are afraid to go out because the Sudanese refugees either mug them or rob their homes so it can be easily fix send the refugees back to their country

  8. Too bad , don’t come here and treat us like shit then cry when you don’t have a gang to terrorise people .

  9. What goes around, comes around. Not so bloody funny is it?

  10. Hahaha fair crack I've herd some bullshit before but this is the mother load

  11. Maybe your police and government should start doing something about the gang problem then.

  12. Oh don't play the victim card you bloody dogs!

  13. Bully for them it's Sudanese people who have no.respect for Australia or our laws

  14. There at McDonald’s all the time. Smashing the place up

  15. the media is feral that is why. Spreading race bait ... go look in the mirror Daily Fail

  16. Good go back to Sudan then

  17. Don't they go out in groups of 20+ anyway?

  18. You shouldn't have any fear of being in public if you are not guilty of acting like a thug.

  19. They can always go out to eat in downtown Sudan!

  20. Larry Miller Stephen Rush Julia Brown

  21. What about the recent violent home invasion in Melbourne where a pregnant woman was knocked down and one of those racist apes stomped on her stomache killing her unborn child. Many decent and respectable women living in Melbourne are afraid being in their own home alone let alone concerning about going out and being attacked. Further more if these Sudanese are really afraid to go out then they brought it on themselves but i have serious doubt there is any truth to the victim card they're attempting to play

  22. Just remember everyone, a few are the ones who fkd it up for the Many. There are still good Sudanese people out there.