AFL clears transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey to play in state women's leagues

AFL clears transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey to play in state women's leagues

Transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey will be allowed to play in state and territory women's leagues in 2018.

Intero Articolo: ABC News


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  1. How do the real women in the state league feel about this?

    A bunch of women are going to get seriously hurt cause of this guy.

  2. Can I run in the Melbourne cup if I identify as a horse?

  3. I won't be encouraging my daughter to play football if she has to play against men.

  4. Good! I’m very pleased about this. Best wishes Hannah. It ain’t gonna be easy, but your courage in taking on such a public challenge will hopefully inspire some and wise up others.

  5. Plenty of ignorance in these comments.

    Well done Hannah.
    Now we need the AFL to put some solid and clear rules in place over these matters. It's awkward to be quizzing a person over their transition and over their hormones, but it is better to do that and have a specific set of rules, rather than leave it up to interpretation and open to bigotry.
    The AFL can’t dictate who is a man and who is a woman, but they can, and must, make clear rules about who is eligible to play in each league.

  6. I give up !!!! Seriously !!!!! you are stupid enough to open yourself up to all sorts of legal problems.......Men do not play on Womens teams and I do not say this in a disrespectful manner.

  7. Later this year—- female footy player (I was playing footy and I felt sexually harassed/groped when this “woman” Hannah when “she” tackled me while “she” had a massive hard on) 🧐🧐

  8. Society has determined that females can join military close combat teams/units.
    This has already happened.
    They then obviously can certainly deal with competitive sport competing with male counterparts at elite levels.
    Perhaps it's time as a society we aim for truely mixed gender elite sporting competition?

  9. Who are we to stop 'progress'?
    Clearly men are the best men... and it turns out men are also the best women too. Now that's what I call progressive.
    Top job AFL, now charge yourself with bringing the game into disrepute.

  10. I put my head in the sand and wanted Australians to be the best people on the earth but unfortunately we are sexist and racist and not accepting of others who don't fit the perceived "norm".

  11. Bahahaa this guy is a massive troll from the alt-right he is mates with my mates!!! I can't believe it's gone this far😂😂😂

  12. What a joke. Has the world gone mad? I would not want my daughters having to play a physical game against a man clearly has a physical advantage.

  13. Think of the local butchers who will gain an absolute windfall from the extra orders of saveloys to feed all the extra fans going to watch games.

  14. Does get to shower with girls? Just because he wants to pretend that he's a girl, when he gets in the shower, the girls should not have to pretend that he is a girl.

  15. Most valuable player for the following season because she is able to run down her opponents with ease?

  16. He’ll take out half the opposition there’ll be 15 players sitting on the bench with busted ribs broken arms etc

  17. Women's AFL has gained a lot of respect and quite a few followers - pretty sure this will undo a lot of that :-/

  18. Id like to see how the female players have to say about this. Weather if they would be conserned copping a tackle from hannah that type of physicality in the sport

  19. this is totally sexist.. how come other biological men can't play in the women's leagues???????
    Why should us "normal" men have to chop of our ding dongs and pump ourselves full of oestrogen to be accepted by the women's league,, this is total injustice, shame on you AFL,,, go stand in the corner and think about what you've done wrong.

  20. How bizarre.

    Hopefully they go all the way and unify the mens and womens leagues into a single unisex league to completely promote inclusiveness, acceptance and equality.

  21. And female player of the year goes to: this guy.

  22. She might have a girls mind but God gave her a mans body.

  23. You must be kidding. The first woman he hurts it will be disastrous

  24. He finally did it, he finally got his 15 minutes.

  25. Great news!
    Congratulations Hannah!! 👏👏

  26. Might need to bring in weight/size grading

  27. Is that the only way to make people watch female sport? By putting men in it?

  28. Let's just have true equality and stop gender restrictiona on all sport.

  29. Ha ha ha Another reason not to watch it AFL Fktards letting themselves be bent over

  30. Hahahaha I know where to put my money at if I were to bet

  31. It will be funny times when female sports are dominated by Trans

  32. The bloke should not play women’s sport

  33. More stupid left wing political correctness this is a man and always will be

  34. Is he going to shower with them too?

  35. The big question is does he get to share the showers and locker room with all the other girls?

  36. Perhaps bernard tomic should dress as a woman. He might win some tennis games..

  37. Oh Yea she'll be bringing all the boys to the yard.

  38. 13th of February 2018 the day sport died in Australia RIP

  39. And when he starts cleaning up the women at full pace bad luck for women I suppose. 😂

  40. My grandson and his male cousin both have long hair... long hair doesn't a woman make.

  41. There's plenty of size/weight difference within a team anyway. What's the big deal?!

  42. Built like a brick Sh::t house! No thanks!

  43. Binh Truong lets start betting on whatever team she plays for

  44. The end of Women's football .Lost me .

  45. There is a reason why we divide the sexes. If he is playing against woman half his size. How is that fair?

  46. Feminists leftards must be in total confusion....

  47. sign this one up with bombers or magpies?:-/ Wendy Rohan Sandra Harland

  48. That’s a bloke with long hair ....