AFL clears Mouncey for local leagues

AFL clears Mouncey for local leagues

The AFL has announced transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey can play in local women's leagues.

Intero Articolo: 7 News Australia


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  1. Does that mean I can enter myself in dog show competitions identifying as a German Shepard?

  2. Political correctness scores another win. Still looks like a guy, built like a guy.
    While I say do whatever makes you happy in your sex change stuff. This isn't right, you may identify as female, your bone structure and mass does not.

  3. I hope she gets kicked in the nuts

  4. This is so unfair to the women, there's gonna be injuries guaranteed. We have separate gendered sports for a reason, and such an unfair advantage to the team Mouncey joins.
    I'm all for trans rights but this is literally stompin and pissing on women's rights. Where are the feminists on this?

  5. Who really cares, she/he “Hannah” still looks better than half of you mop heads even as a woman. Like does it actually impact your life so dramatically for someone who just wants to be happy in her/his mind and do what she/he likes to do. Get over it, learn to love because would this all matter if you didn’t live past this week.... no !

  6. So it takes a man to make a women’s game interesting?

  7. Hey fellas, does that mean that we can go play women's netball, tennis, etc..... what drugs are the AFL on????? SMH

  8. Look at it it's still built like a man how many bones is it gunna break ??

  9. 190cm at 96kg and built with a mans bone and muscle density, I can see how this is going to be fair against female competitors. It’s as fair as the Chinese female swim team that took roids and were built like tanks

  10. And so he should.doesnt the left say it's not your genital organs that determine your sex but what you identify as?if he identifies as a female he should be allowed to play.its all come to bite you progressives on the bum

  11. ...any comments, observations or objections from all the ‘non-transgenger’ players ???!! Surely, there must be some who r e a l l y think, and consider pixie dust now rules the ‘rules’ and reality...

  12. Australian Rep in Men’s Handball, decides not good enough, so has idea, become a woman and try for the Women’s team instead.
    Rejected by them so why not have a crack at AFLW!
    Hope when it’s too hard doesn’t decide to revert to male again!

  13. Looks like a bloke with tits feel sorry for the other girls that have to take the field at the same time as surely be disadvantaged and surely he or she cannot use the female changerooms

  14. A biological male has a different build than a biological woman. It's a huge disadvantage to play in women's league. Give it 10 years and all women's teams will only have transgender players as they are faster stronger etc. Very sad.

  15. Give the person a chance, when he/she hurts another player the AFL may have to rethink thier decision..But i can't understand the uproar, i thought women were up for equality...

  16. There is only 2 genders nope they do not get confused or swapped they are via a Y chromosone or an X
    They don't become combined or transposed.
    You're born with what DNA and correct genitals..
    Anything else is complete mental health issues and these nutbag Doctors entertaining it proves that Mentally ill are running the show 😠

  17. Such an unfair outcome. The poor women on the other team being tackled by a person biologically born and formed as a man..

  18. Włodzimierz Przybyłkiewicz this is a disgrace to the afl he obviously wasnt good enough for the mens league so decides to get a sex change and play with the girls in the womans league absolute joke

  19. Giri Sharan Malikai Oliver I figured out how we can become pro athletes, just meet me in supre and we will start from there.

  20. This could save so much money we could just get the mens Olympic team to do both mens and women's event's. Half the cost

  21. Picture prob doesn't help the case cause doesn't look like Avery feminine person but really why not just do mixed league as all the hard biffo stuff is already gone from the game that's why I haven't watched it in years

  22. O feck off, if ya wanted to keep doing this stay a male, not going into female programme geeze, hasn't he still got an outy?

  23. Sweet ima play too I got my hair long and I recognise myself​ as a lesbian.
    Go on say something to hurt my feelings yous just bigots

  24. Talk about caving!!!! So I presume the more ‘manly females,’ the ones that think they are really men, are allowed to play in the AFL men’s leagues? If we are talking equality.......

  25. In my disability group we have a mixture in how netball and football and scooter we have a mix group girls and boys play in the same path so I don’t see what wrong with it

  26. For crying out loud this is political correctness out weighing common sence .where is the OH&S blokes when you need them

  27. this is not right at all she maybe now a woman but muscle tone will always be like a player on roids compared to the other woman.

  28. So the league will take full responsibility when she half kills someone in a tackle? She's built like a brick dunny.

  29. A comment from another player may put this to rest! Seems like everyone else who isn’t playing r the ones commenting!

  30. What a fckn joke. I hope any girl that gets hurt sues the afl for not protecting them from people with the opposite cromasoms

  31. The lines are being blurred, who is liable if there is an incident that causes injury to another player.

  32. The vilification of this female football player is beyond words. Good luck in your football season Hannah

  33. And there it is, the beginning of the end for womens sport.
    A real shame really as its come so far in recent years producing a quality product across many sports

  34. Yeah why not ? She looks like a top bloke !!

  35. Every team member of clubs she joins should make themselves unavailable, apply for transfers to other clubs.

  36. Is it just me, or is anyone else wondering if it looks like a melted Polly waffle down there?

  37. Jack Neale Jesse Charles no wonder Warren Soloma hasn’t be in to busy leading his case to the afl

  38. It’s funny how these mentally ill things don’t understand what DNA is and how it can define who you are

  39. I might say I feel like a women tomorrow and have a game with the girls too 😏
    What a joke!!

  40. Well thats not fair. He/she would have the strength and endurance of a male

  41. Wont she still have the strength of a man though, is that really fair???

  42. What a discrace to such an awesome game..

  43. She should just join the women’s NRL team, she would be the smallest one on the field then

  44. When does the transgender league start

  45. This seems quite unfair as to be transgender you have to take testosterone???