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'Little was left' of the victim's body after a pride of lions mauled a suspected poacher to death. #sun7

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  1. All I gotta say, he had NO BUSINESS Poaching! He deserved being gobbled up by those beautiful lions!!! W'ont get to do that again!!

  2. Poachers have still driven animals like the rhino, giraffe and elephant to near extinction in some parts yet you are silent about that??

    You just love a good click bait story

  3. <3 Toooo many animals are poached and wildlife made extinct I am glad the cats won this time hope so in future also. Poachers and game hunters suckbig time

  4. Thumbs up to the Lions xxxx

  5. "perfect hybrid" of various cat species, primarily of the big cat variety. It is intended to be the perfect predator. As such, it features the backbone of a cheetah; the margay's ankles; the caracal's legs and its ear tufts; the paws of a fishing cat; the canines of a clouded leopard; the jaws, brain power and roar of a tiger; the eyes of a lynx; the ears of a serval; the coat of a black panther; the mane and pride mentality of a lion; the overall size of a cougar and the street smarts of a house cat. It feeds on humans, as they are one of the only species that's population is booming, as well as their physiological weakness.

  6. On the Lions show these scum who's boss you are when it's an even playing ground no rifles that can be shot from a long way off with sights that ate accurate just the hunter and the lion I think the Lion everytime!!!

  7. Good! That’s karma. Gorgeous animals, much prefer them to humans

  8. Its a Pride of Lions........not a pack. If you are going to report do it correctly!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Fan-bloody-tasic! That's what I call the Karma food chain in motion πŸ‘

  10. Beauuuutiful Lions...Cats are always one step ahead of stupid humans.

  11. Hope he didn’t give them indigestion and they enjoyed the feed

  12. Now who's fault is it,don't blame the lions!!??

  13. We should be proud of this pride. Delivering justice as it should be delivered to poachers.

  14. Thumbs up for the Lions 🦁

  15. Well done to the Lions. Got we he deserved. ...!!!!!!

  16. Sorry to say things were turned around.

  17. An extra tasty meal for them!!

  18. Oh well got a taste of his own medicine. Sad feel sorry for the family.

  19. Maryjane SevenCar do you think it was the Majingilane pride? πŸ€”πŸ€”

  20. Where is the pot with water and eggs lol hahaha

  21. Great result for a poacher.

  22. Yeah well serves him right

  23. Karma.... She will get you!

  24. Great! More good news stories please πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ